Universal Wedding Registry, One, or several?
I just saw an article that mentioned several places that offered universal registries. How do you feel about this? at first thought, I was against it because everyone is not going to shop online. Then I saw that you could add items from ANY site, which you could help find the item at the best price and put it on the registry.

Then you have people who have certain stores they shop at,, so I was thinking of registering at Macy's, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ikea, Peir Imports, etc.

Which do you suggest? What works better for you and was good for your guests?

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I'm in the same boat and have no idea what to do. We also wanted to do a honeyfund or something like that.

I think it's best to keep it simple. Registering at a couple places like Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target is enough to give people choices and small enough to not be overwhelming.

If you are planning at registering at more than 3 stores, then I would think the universal wedding registery may be helpful.

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we're registering with depositagift.com it's a cash gift registry site so you can register for your honeymoon or new home or whatever. you get a full website with them, and you can list your other registries there as well. we've got one for macys and we listed it too. this way everything's accessible in one place, but if you really prefer the depositagift one to get gift money, then that is very accessible/noticeable.

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We're using honeyfund, but we also have a couple of traditional ones for more traditional people.

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I can't decide either, and i talked to my sister about it. She told me to think of where my extended family always shops for wedding gifts. My sister and eveybody she knows only shop at target for weddings. My grandma and half of her kids and grandkids only shop at Dillards. My FH family only shops at craft stores and online. So i am now looking for items at those places to register for, so that my guests can shop someplace comfortable, and still get items i like.

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You can make your own universal registry on Amazon.com, you can add items to it from anywhere on the Internet. Maybe one or two more, but don't give people more than 2 or 3 choices or they'll be overwhelmed. The idea is to help direct your guests if they don't know what you may want, but you don't want to cramp their style. Even with a registry you'll still get other stuff. We did registries with Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond, and on our website we also listed Home Depot, and explained there was no specific registry there. We received the most items from the BB&B registry, a bunch of Home Depot gift cards, a few items from Amazon, a few items that people bought on their own, and many checks and gift cards from various other places where we hadn't registered, like Target. So, rather than worrying about where your guests shop, think about where you shop, pick a couple that provide a wide selection of items and prices, and let people go from there.

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@weliz - that's great advice! My MOH also stressed the fact that I needed to have items in different price points. You aren't sure of people's financial situation, so try to make the registry well rounded.

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@MrsJoseph, that's a great point! It's really important to have a range of items, we had items from $10 DVDs to $200 lawn equipment. We basically made a wish list of things we would have bought for ourselves eventually. That's why I liked the Amazon option, whenever I remembered something we had been thinking of getting, I would log in and add it to our wish list/registry.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we had told people NO GIFTS! But we set up 2 registries and put them on our website, knowing that some folks would want to give a gift anyway, and with a registry at least they would have some ideas. Since we ultimately received a gift from 95% of our guest list, we learned that the "no gifts" request doesn't work. ;-)

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what sites are available for universal lists (not just amazon...)
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We offer this service at A Simpler Wedding Registry. We allow you to add gifts from any stores, anywhere. Even gifts that aren't available online can be added to the registry...
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