Unity Water Ceremony
So I was thinking about doing something a little different, like a unity water ceremony. I really like the idea, but my hang up here is.. What do we do with the water afterwards?


The creating of a new color together from the mixing of two other colors symbolizes the new union. The Unity Water ceremony incorporates two small glasses of different colored water and a larger glass into which the smaller glasses are emptied creating a third color.

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You could pour the water into a jar that you could seal permanently, something air tight so it doesn't mold?

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We did this as our unity ceremony ... we loved the poem and the meaning.
We didn't want the 'norm' for unity ceremonies, like the sand ceremony, rose ceremony or candle ceremony...so this worked perfectly, plus...we had his little sister read the poem, which was a special way to involve her in the wedding (she was 12).
All we did was had the venue dump the water after....no point in keeping it. :)

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Hmm so I think I like the idea of someone else getting rid of it. If we have to dispose of it [whether it be that same night or days later], I'd feel like it'd be a bad mantra or something haha.

I wish there were other alternatives besides the 'norm' but so far this water one is at the top of my list!

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This is what we are doing, but i havent really decided on the how yet. I know I want to mix red and blue water to make purple. The how still up in the air.

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Have you seen the rock ceremony? I like it is very cute, but I think handing out the pebbles to every one would be a tedious job.


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That sounds like a wonderful idea--perhaps mix two colors--with the outcome being one of your wedding colors.
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