Unity Salt Ceremony
Anyone familiar and have some guidance (written)? Not having much luck

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Look up unity sand ceremony. That is the typical "norm" and just follow that but replace the sand with salt :)

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You could pour sugar while your FH pours cinnamon. You'd be left with a lifetime supply of wedding cinnamon and sugar toast!
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Why do you want to do it? Salt has a rich history in many religions, so it's not just like sand (of course, it could be; I did a sand ceremony with lucky pennies last year. ....

What are you aiming to say with the ritual; that's a good place to start....

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@Celia FH & I want to do the Salt Ceremony because of it's roots in the bible. We're going with the traditional wedding vows (don't want to change a thing) and after the exchange of rings we are doing a unity salt instead of candle. I'm looking for wording that supports a Christian unity salt ceremony.

The salt covenant is rooted in the symbolism that two people combining salt commit to an eternal covenant with God about their marriaage. The covenant can only be broken when each person can pick out their own individual grains of salt.

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There you go; you just wrote it. And I like it. And I might steal it, lol!
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