Unity rope?
Rather than doing the traditional "Unity candle" or unity sand I was thinking of having two different colored ropes and tying them together. So we could literally tie the knot. :) Haven't thought it all out yet.. feedback?

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We thought about doing that as well but FH wanted to go with traditional just have to try and find wording for it good luck their is a movie called not easily broken where they use the rope maybe that will give you an idea. i wound uo doing both the sand and candle. Good Luck
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I did that at my wedding. I made it with a single length of cord (about 20") and attached tassels. We also did the Unity Candle. After the candle we each took one end of the cord and tied a square knot about midway. I now have it draped over the corner of a formal wedding portrait(photo of similar "Tie the Knot Lariat" in my portfolio on WW). You could also put it in a shadow box with other small wedding momentos and photos.
Since then I have begun experimenting with other materials; I have braided various cords together and then decorated the ends with all sorts of things. I've used beads, feathers, flowers, tassels, shells. Let your imagination run wild

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Sounds unique...wish I would have heard of it sooner =)

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I dont know about two different colors but what you are talking about is very similar to the "lazo" in Hispanic weddings. Some are made of rope, beads or pearls whatever your preference. DEFENITION: "The Lazo is placed on the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. Encircled by the beautiful "rope", the couple is symbolically joined together for all to see, and the Lazo celebrates their marriage union". Google wedding lazo and tons of pictures come up, hope this helps.


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absolutely, sounds more suited for your style. Regardless if traditional in some customs or not, you should always have the freedom to personalize your own wedding with practices or customs that best cater to your vision of how you express your unique relationship.
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Very similar to the "Lazo" just on a smaller scale.
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