unity candle song???
i need help finding a good song for the unity candle during our ceremony. We are doing it with our moms so it would be nice to find a meaningful song.
Any suggestions???????????

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Yours, Mine and Ours by David Chamberlin & Teresa James
Ive never actually heard the music to this song but the lyrics sound like they would work perfect.
also some non lyrical music might work really well too...
good luck

Rondo String Quartet

Rondo String Quartet
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There are so many choices! What style of music are you looking for? Who will be playing the music? Here are a just a few that we have been asked to play during the candle lighting: Bach Air on the g string, Bach Arioso, On Eagle's Wings, One Hand One Heart, The Wedding Song, Mozart Ave Verum, I Only Have Eyes for You, Butterfly Kisses, Grow Old Along With Me, The Prayer, What A Wonderful World, You Raise Me Up, Sunrise Sunset. Good luck with your planning!

Sarah W.

The Floral Palette
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Hi and congratulations on your future wedding!

I would suggest doing some online searching on sites such as Wed Alert who offer a large selection of music to choose from. If you're into Christian music at all there is a beautiful song called "Love will be our Home" or you could do something just instrumental and lovely such as classical music or a movie theme that you adore. If there is a song you love but don't necessarily think is appropriate with the lyrics playing you could find the melody in instrumental form only. You could also have a soloist or live musician play! There really isn't a right or wrong nowadays! Enjoy and make it something that is special! :) Good luck!

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Two of the most traditional used is The Ave Maria and The Our Father.
Non-traditional would a piece of music that is especially meaningful to you and your fiance.
Good luck.

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I like How Beautiful - Twila Paris.

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........but for how beautiful, I would do just the music, no words. I think the song itself is beautiful!

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The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion
Born for You - David Pomeranz
The Promise - Tracy Chapman (just found out about this one from Squawkbox Sound!)
You And I - Michael Bublé
Inside Your Heaven - Carrie Underwood
Here I Am - Leona Lewis
Someone Like You - Van Morrison (You've Got Mail Soundtrack)

May your wedding day be filled joy and happiness!

Susie Figueroa
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