Unique way to ask someone to be a Bridesmaid?!?!
Just wondering how everyone asked there bridesmaids to be a part of their wedding. I was thinking about doing a poem inside of a card

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I didn't really do anything unique I just asked my friends to lunch but the poem on the inside is really cute...when I was going to do something unique I found a few things - take a look at the below:



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http://capclassique.wordpress.com/ Scroll down to the egg part. It's pretty neat. Takes a little practice to get all the egg out of the shell without destroying the shell, but it's really cute and pretty unique. A good idea for if they live near enough to hand deliver them. I don't know how well they would do in the mail.
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all of my bridesmaids live up to 600 miles away.

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I used these. My Maid and Matron of Honor live 300 - 600 miles away too. They are from http://www.etsy.com/shop/decadentdesigns

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love it!

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I sent them cards asking if they would be part of the big day. However, I found a super cute idea on pinterest the other day. You could send them ring pops with a card that says "Now I get to pop the question...Will you be my bridesmaid?". I wish I had seen this when I was asking my girls.

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I asked my cousin (who is 16 and lives in AZ) over a Facebook message...
I asked my sister-in-law (who also lives in AZ) over the phone when I do my weekly phone call to my brother...

I didn't really ask my best friend... more like told her. She asked me if I thought about who was going to be in my bridal party, I said, "Jayme and Savannah are my bridesmaids... you're my matron of honor". Nothing big.

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I will definitely be following this thread as I've been trying to figure out what I want to do as well.

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I had the same question months ago. In October, my girls and I went out to dinner... I just told them it was just a night for all the girls to hang out (even though I think all of them knew what I was doing), but I made them cards. One side had a "will you be my bridesmaid poem" (google it, there's a bunch!!) and the other side had a little personalized note from me telling them why I wanted them to stand up with me. I also had a little box where I put a ring pop and some candy in it. They loved it! Below is a pic of me and all the girls after they read their cards.. They loved it! Good luck!!!

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