unique unity ceramony ideas
I like the candle and sand ideas but I want to know if anyone has done anything else? I want to do something different.

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Hello there! i asked the same question when I first got started on here and here's the thread from that with tons of great ideas! Hope this helps!

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This is still a candle, BUT I think it's pretty unique. You can fill the thing with whatever you want... I'm filling mine with fall leaves.

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We are doing a tree ceremony:
And I found the perfect words for it here:
I know several months ago brides were talking about a unity cross ceremony,but the original cross is $$$$!
Whoever the man was that came up with the cross idea must have a monopoly on this idea,because we couldn't find a pattern for it any where.I even begged a scroll saw forum for a pattern.One guy FINALLY emailed me a pattern,but he said Pssst~you didn't get this pattern from me! I felt like the FBI was going to knock on my door when I opened the pattern file!LOL!

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@ z&k I LOVE the unified cross....wow I have to see if I can find one (or maybe my dad could make one, he is pretty skillful with wood)

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We poured wax beads (like a sand ceremony) into a far that had a wick in it and then we lit it. Here are some pics.

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Do you still have the plans for the unity cross?

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I thought of a great idea for our wedding. We are wedding outside in the evening, near a pond. Lots of little, white lights. We are also unique people who don't want to follow what others do, so we are modifying a lot of the traditional ceremony. Instead of a unity candle, sand or cross, we are building a greek column with a pole through the center. A heart shaped torch (gauze wrapped wire) will be soaked in lamp oil. We will both have a small candle and will set the torch on fire together. The idea is 2 small flames that, when combined, create an inferno of love and passion. After we light the large torch, my daughter will wrap a white, satin ribbon around our joined hands and then we make our exit. We are still doing rings, but adding greek flare to the mix. The bridesmaid and MOH will carry kissing balls on their wrists with flowing ribbons instead of a corsage or bouquet. Since I'm older and don't have a dad, we will meet in the middle and dance to a sweet song first.
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