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I'm in need of some unique things to add to my reception, we are nixing a lot of the traditional reception things (ie: money dance, tossing the bouquet and garter, wedding party dance, etc.) and I'm looking for some non-traditional ideas to mix things up. Thanks!

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How about something interactive for your guests like a magician (just mingling & doing parlor tricks) or a martini ice luge at the bar? Even a photo booth would be fun. Offering an alternative to dancing is nice for those guests who just sit in their chairs all night and watch the dance floor.

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I read a couple articles about playing games during the reception to keep people entertained, but not sure if this is what you're thinking:



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I have been thinking about he same for my reception. I'm not certain that I want to necessarily get rid of some of the tradional things, but I am considering putting a twist to them. For example, I am not going to do the "tradional" apron dance, but rather conduct some type of "dance for money." I am going to do this in memory of my two dogs I just had to put to sleep this year and donate the money to a charitable pet rescue or the ASPCA. I've also considered the replacing the bouquet toss by giving the bouquet and garder to the couple who has been married the longest, or just something that gets some of the more "established" couples involved!
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Wow, weddings sure have changed. I've been married 32 yrs & would have never thought to have a magician. I like that idea. They could walk around to the tables that the people just sit at. My son's wedding last year about 85% of the people danced. I never felt like we had to entertain anyone. The people who just sat enjoyed themselves socializing with each other. But I like the idea of the magician. It's different. The people who sit will always sit & they don't want to get up to move some place else. So bringing something to them would be good.


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I'm not necessarily looking for entertainment...perhaps unique dances to replace the traditional ones. I'm sure that it could be very tastefully done, but I'm in no way trying to bring in a magician or a photo booth...this is still a wedding reception, not a carnival.
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I in no way get paid to endorse this book, but this would be right up your alley: www.thebestweddingreceptionever.com. I think the book is $25 bucks, but I as an entertainer have already used half of the suggestions in it to enhance my performance.

You know, I do a variation of the Dollar Dance. I do not call it that because it's out dated, cheesy sounding, and only encourages "a dollar". Instead I perform a "Honeymoon Dance". I raise money for your honeymoon. I let the guest know about your destination plans and in turn encourage fundraising which generates more than $1 bills. I also turn it into a competition between the two of you to see who raises the most money (also encourages more $$$). Very fun and entertaining, and a spin on the usual.

Call it a "Charity Dance" if you raise money for a good cause. Same rule applies, just change the destination info to the charity's goal.


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A pinata is great fun at weddings. You can have one for the adults and oen for the kids. You could also do a treasure hunt!!! There are so many options for brides these days that the sky is the limit!
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Hi Nicole,

We just shot a wedding reception in Bar Harbor Maine, where the couple had a photo-booth!! It was sooo cool...couples could go in throughout the night and have their pics taken. The couple also had pinatas, so the kids could really enjoy themselves!

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We too are looking for something different. However we don't want to spend any additional monies, the budget is already crazy. Any creative not costly ideas to share? We want something fun and entertaining while remaining classy.

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I read about a really cute game you could play (if you're not too shy)! It's called Roman Hands and Russian Fingers! While the bridesmaid is busy being blindfolded, the best man hides 3 paperclips on the grooms body in hard to find places such as the back of his head or on his shoelaces! The blindfolded bride then has to find all three clips while the crowd lets her know if she's getting warmer or colder as the bride's hands get closer or further from the clips! Not meant for the clips to be hidden inside clothing where your hands will have to go inappropriately! They should still be somewhat visible! Sounds like fun! Think I'm gonna do it at my wedding in a few weeks! And all you need is a blindfold (borrow your one of your bridesmaids sashes if their dresses have them!) and a few paperclips! No money needed!

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I'm thinking of setting a table aside and setting up a couple of classic games. Chess, checkers, go. We're doing a nature scavenger hunt for the kids as well. We're having an outdoor wedding and reception, so I'm trying to think of things besides dancing for our guests. @OP: Why not find out which couple there has been married the longest and give them the bouquet and garter?
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My wedding is all about country.I'm going to have the traditional bouquet and garter toss but I being the bride I hate dancing. And since my family is country people we are going to have a bull riding machine. And Will keep all the guests out of the chairs for sure!

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I am really looking for some fun things to do at our reception as well. We don't like the idea of a dance floor because our wedding is going to be small and intimate, but I can't decide on anything else to do that wont be lame. I thought about the pinata, the 5 second clip of a song game, a backdro with costume props to take silly photos, and the surprise star under the seat at each table. I just dont know what else to do to take up more time... We're going to have a few other small games but I just want the guests to stay entertained.

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What about Giant Colouring-in! You can get a personalised hand drawn piece of artwork made for especially for you, then all your guests get to colour it in with paint pens and it results in a fabulous piece of art made by your friends and family. Check out www.fancyfeatures.com/gallery

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What about Giant Colouring-in! You can get a personalised hand drawn piece of artwork made for especially for you, then all your guests get to colour it in with paint pens and it results in a fabulous piece of art made by your friends and family. Check out www.fancyfeatures.com/gallery

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I know this is an old thread but I thought this idea may help those that are looking for different ideas. My favorite thing to do was perhaps the book of love: http://www.bridalbananas.com/book-of-love-wedding-reception-game

Basically you just put it at every table. We had personalized pens for the guests as party gifts and the actual book itself holds a place of pride on our coffee table. Plus the guests love it!

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Thank you Lina, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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These games are a little more custom than your average word search, but they really got the guests engaged with each other at my wedding. I still get feedback about how much fun the card game was for everyone.

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