Twist Dress/ Convertible Dress/ Infinity Dress- anyone?
So I've heard of these dresses, and seen pictures- and I have to say that they look awesome! What I'm wondering is whether anyone has any experience making their own dresses.

I would love it of someone has an actual pattern that I could buy/ use. There are instructions online and it doesn't look complicated (see below). or
But I would really love to find a real pattern.

--Or, if someone knows of a place that sells these dresses for $150 or less, that would be helpful to!

Thanks ladies!

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Well I don't have experience in making dresses but I know that both American Apparel ($45) and Victoria's Secret ($95) carry a similar convertible dress.

I own a few colors from American Apparel haha. They are so comfortable and can match any style so they are a summer staple in my wardrobe. Not sure what style you are going for but they are a little more casual bc they are made from a jersey t-shirt like material. Although my black one I have worn for New Year's Eve twice bc I was able to change it up each time! If you want something a little more dressy Vicky's seems to have a similar creation but seems to be a little more slinky, silky material. Don't own one of those yet but I've looked at it a few times!

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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I know the dessy group makes them, but I'm not sure how much they are!! google: dessy twist dress

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I forgot to add that the ones we're looking at right now are:

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I was looking into the two birds bridesmaid dresses and also the dessy also... but I ended up ordering from a company called Nuova Vita. The dresses are just as nice, for the bridesmaid dress she has two dressy fabrics a satin stretch and a satin jersey. They are both amazing I got the satin stretch because it was so shiny. She will aslo cusomtize the sizes to fit your bridesmaids. The dresses were less money also then two birds and dessy. I thought they would be more but they were actually less and she makes them all by hand! The bridal section is not on the website yet but you will see other convertible dresses.. She can make whatever you want! and get your the color you want also!

My Assymetrical dress was $189
The Long Gown is $205
The T-lenght is $168

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I've tried on the dessy twist gown yesterday as a test run for my sister's wedding. It is easy to tie and cute. My local canadian shop had it priced at 205. It takes 4 months to order in or for another 50 you can get it in 8 weeks. My only issue with it is that the straps are really long (I'm pretty short) so it required me to tie it around and around.

The other option I'm investigating is - there aren't as many colour options but shipping is much quicker - 1-2 weeks. They are canadian made and shipping is currently free. It's also much cheaper at $79.99

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I found the Twist dress on GETMARRIED.COM and fell in LoVe with it. I want one too!
It Looks really easy to make but probably time consuming. Has anyone bought this dress yet and liked it?
here is the link for the one i found-Brigette
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