Tungsten Carbide wedding band.
Are any of you ladies purchasing or have purchased a tungsten carbide wedding band for your FH? If so, whats your reviews on them? I'm very much so considering it, I hear there pretty much damage proof.

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Married: 04/28/2012
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My FH just got one today =]
it looks nice and wasnt that expensive at all.

Andrea Ank.
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My DH got one and he loves it! I know that the durablity was something that he took into consideration because he uses his hands a lot at work and wanted something that was going to stand up to it.

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Tungsten can pretty much stand up to anything but can easily be destroyed in an emergency should the need arise, whereas nothing basically can destroy a titanium ring. But be aware that some people can and do have allergies to carbide. So if the ring is a combination tungsten/carbide - he could develop an allergy to it overtime as the carbide in that won't be as high as a straight carbide ring would be. These rings also cannot be sized, so if you need a 1/4 size you probably won't find it. I'm not going to say you can't find it - you can if you really search, but it's a tough search - I know I've been doing it for 2 years.

These are just a couple of the things that I've come across in my search. But nothing overly big.

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We're going with tungsten carbide as well - he wanted a really simple band that looks like white gold but would hold up really well. I was really impressed with the look/price. They are not supposed to scratch like titanium, but I was told they can still be buffed to remove light scuffs.

Married: 07/15/2012
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I got my FH the tungsten carbon fiber band...got it off of amazon for $18 and he LOVES LOVES LOVES it

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We'll be ordering this weekend. I'll post pictures in the future when they get here.

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Both our wedding bands are tungsten carbide, I work in the medical field, and cant have my engagement ring with the diamonds ripping through the gloves all the time, he works in construction, so he needs something that wont get all banged up. we thought about buying rings that were just for work, then would have our "good" rings for when were out. He found these rings, and both our favorite color is blue. I was so impressed by him that i was like they will last forever we dont need to sets, I will just continue to be careful with my engagement ring at work, and this will be my permanent band also

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They won't scratch. DH's is tungsten. Just don't try to bounce them off the floor. DH said a bunch of guys he works with were bouncing their rings(not him though thankfully). It started with a guy with a titanium band going, "look what I can do with mine!" than the rest of them tried it, and the tungsten guy's shattered. I would say the only real reason to purchase it from a store is that even with the high price it's a better deal, because most places will replace the ring if it should break.

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Thats what I am getting. They are extemely durable and fairly priced. Mine actually looks like that blue one but in black.

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I just ordered one for FH and myself and we both love them. The fit, how light they are...everything.

Maggie N
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My FH is obsessed with his! He loves it! He wants to wear it around like I want to wear my wedding band around haha! It cost just over $400 so I think its worth it!

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I got FH titanium because he has a desk job and he wanted blue stripes in it and that's what I could find. I got his at Zales for $71 and a warranty for $30 that gives him 1 free replacement.

However I got my dad a tungsten ring because he is all the time working on a car or beating his hands up and it can be taken off without losing a finger lol

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My FH actually bought a 14k white gold ring over the man made materials.
He wanted a ring that wanted to be resized, he was also afraid of (in case of an emergency) not being able to remove the ring & them having to cut it off (sorry it sounds so gruesome).
One helpful location for finding out the positives and negatives of each metal is bluenile.com. (Under education). They not only provide helpful information on the different kinds of metals, but also on diamonds (plus they sell rings at a very affordable price).
My FH was able to find a number of rings that were similar to the man made ring styles that he LOVES.

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Dh has one for his right hand, but his wedding band is titanium. Titanium is more scratch resistant and lighter. He's had the right hand ring for a while and prefers the titanium.

I will say, they are NOT damage proof. They can get re polished but will not look like new where as titanium does.
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got FH one for $40 on overstock..which was a great deal and it is the same exact one that was selling for $200 where I got my rings from...FH loves it, I also went with that at the advice of my future BIL who has one..he works as an automotive tech so he knows that it definitely stands up to "abuse."

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Tungsten carbide wedding bands are soooooo scratch resistant, it's amazing. A couple of my friend's and their husbands have tungsten rings. Still no scratches after 3 years or so of marriage. They do, however, break if enough force is brought down upon them, like falling from a considerably high distance or a hammer strikes it while vice gripped (I looked it up, though not a practical way of a tungsten ring breaking naturally). My fiance is purchasing a tungsten wedding ring from Tungsten World. Very good customer service and great warranty policy.

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