tulle vs organza
I am planning on doing some draping on the drop ceiling *with christmas lights* as well as draping around the head table and from shepherd hook to shepherd hook to line the aisles... Im looking at buying alot of this stuff... Tulle is about 1/3rd the price but are my guests going to be able to tell the difference.. or does it really matter?? suggestions

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I thought they always used Tulle TBH

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I say go with the tulle. :) Save money where you can!
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I think the tulle also. Organza is a much stiffer fabric and will not drape as well. Your other option would be chiffon - very drapy but heavy.
Working with the tulle will be much easier.
Also - Check the fire codes about using fabric with lights as some of those little lights get hot.

Mrs. Jacques
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I thought that's what most people use is tulle, I am using white shimmer tulle- Love it!

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The toole will be beautiful. A lot of brides use it. It won't look cheap to the guests.

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Use tulle. Just be careful of the consistency you buy. I was planning on using organza b/c I too was concerned about the tulle looking cheap. But I couldn't find organza that didn't have a shimmer to it that wasn't cheap/stiff. I got my tulle at Hobby Lobby and I was very pleased with its consitency. Here's a couple of pics. I actually ran out of time and didn't get to do as much draping as I'd intended.

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I say go with tulle. Definately.

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Tulle--and don't forget about 50% off/40%off coupons Joann's has!

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Thanks for the advice... I will most likely be doing my purchasing online... I Love taking advantage of those coupons but the nearest one is 100 miles away so it kinda sucks...

TUlle It is! That makes me feel better!

Shae's Event Resources

Shae's Event Resources
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i'm a little late, but i also agree with tulle, if you need a bulk supplies i'd be happy to get ya some estimates.


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Shannon that would be great... not really sure how much I need... we want to do the chairs... 17 rows of folding chairs on both sides, some on the arch and in the reception location.

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Tulle - I was in the same boat as LL (Hey girl, what ARE you doing here?? shouldn't you be somewhere with a drink that has a paper umbrella in it?!)

Finding the right organza will be too much $$$

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so how much tulle did you buy?

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Jenn: Where do you find these coupons of great value?!

Mrs. Jacques
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Im sure its pretty but just not in my budget... wish I had the extra money but I just dont... so far the cheapest I have found is $14 for a bolt of 40 yards...
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