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I was told to ask a question in the Bridal section directed towards florists. I posted this same topic in the Answers forums to know luck so here goes. I want primarily white and purple tulips as my wedding flowers (bouquets, centerpieces, etc). My wedding is June 11, 2011. Are tulips expensive at that time or hard to get? If so, what other flowers could I pair with the tulips that are inexpensive (to keep cost down), in season, and would look great without overwhelming the tulips? Other flowers I like are gerbera daisies, calla lilies, mums, and hyrdrangeas. I'm just not certain if any would be good paired with tulips.

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Ok, I'm not a florist, but I wanted tulips, too, since my FH is half-dutch and we want to honour that side. The thing with tulips is that they are very fickle and sensitive. They bloom only for one week and usually that's in the time span from March-April (florists please correct me if I'm wrong). They wilt superfast if they are cut.
My wedding date is in May and was told that it's too late for tulips. But I'm insisting on tulips, so I'm taking the 'fake' route. Either silk

or the DIY paper way
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Tulips are available in June so you shouldn't have any problems.

Calla lilies and hydrangeas are a little bit more expensive.

It all depends what kind of look you are going for.
Remember you don't have to use a lot of flowers to create something unique and beautiful. Usually modern type of arrangements use less flowers but they are designed in such a way that they are still beautiful.

Alstroemeria is cheap and you can get it in variety of colors.

I created before really beautiful arrangements using only hydrangeas and tulips.

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noel is right. july is too hot for tulips, and youd have to get very very lucky to find enough for the wedding. silk flowers are becoming more and more popular though. and if you want something to match them, most of the things you mentioned would be overpowering and demand more attention than the tulips. i think just simple baby's breath or ferns would be a fine filler without being overwhelming

Stephanie Hickerty

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Your question was posted in the Vendors forums, so florists have been directed to your question. I'm not a florist, but I believe tulips bloom in the spring. You can also call a couple of local florists in your area & ask them for information on tulips. This could also give you an idea of who you might want to work with, based on how helpful & pleasant they are! Good Luck...your ideas sound beautiful!

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Yes, I will probably use silk tulips and then fresh flowers for accents. Thanks everyone for your input!
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We only offer Tulips until May. It is too hot for them to grow into the summer months. If you love tulips you can buy nice silks and add fresh flowers around them to help them to look more "real". I would recommend mini calla lilies for that same sort of look (not exact). Our flower prices don't change based upon season, all of our prices and minimums are listed on our site. You can definitely do hydrangeas, orchids, lilies, alstroemeria, basically whatever you like, we can get for you and ship to you for free.
Give us a look...

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Hi J Lacy,

I do silk arrangements and bouquets. Please check here under the Pampered Bride Boutique or check my website.
I can also hand paint the tulips to match your colors. If you would like I can do a mock up for you and email it to you, so you can see what they look like when completed.
Is there any other flower you like to go with the tulips?
Let me know. We can send them to you early so you can see them long before your wedding day. The silks will hold up in June, July, August etc.....

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I am an award winning florist with over 25 years experience and in SO.CA we can now get tulips all year long! I have availability of the Purple rain variety out of New Zealand and so. America as well as local organic grown, If the designer is experienced they can easily bring them in at an average price.
If tulips in your region are too pricey try Picotee, purple or lilac Lisiathus, these have the cupped multi petals that accent well with any spring through summer wedding.
Hydrangea can actually be more expensive than tulips, so opt in favor of a few delightful special flowers with tulips.
You can take a peek at some pretty designs with Tulips on my site at The one with the horsedrawn Carriage was around your date this year, and you will see dutch blush tulips in this event, the other is the one with the gorgeous peach and purple colors and these are purple rain tulips! Both had average budgets around $2500. for the complete wedding day.



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as suzanne m smith designs posted, you can definitely get tulips in june. they will be more expensive than in april, but still a relatively inexpensive flower, when compared to mini callas, for instance. and, sure, they'll open quickly in the warmer weather, and that's part of their beauty. i would encourage you to get real flowers - nothing like their natural beauty. the availability of all the colors is more limited than in their prime season, but i'm betting you can still get what you're looking for. go ahead and meet with your florist and discuss your options. if she says tulips aren't available, go to a more experienced florist. they may not have been available 10 years ago, but today, with overnight shipping, etc, you can have tulips year round.
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Hi Jlacy, yes as the other florist have stated tulips are available pretty much all year long. The one thing to consider is that the phots you see with tulips in the bridal magazines are usually just taken out of the cooler and they are in there closed state. However, when they are exposed to regular indoor tempuratures and outdoors they will open up and not have that closed tulip look you are probably looking for. Good luck, I'm sure you will have a beautiful wedding.

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