too old for flowergirl, too young for jr bridesmaid
Hey all...
Question: I would like to include my fiance's niece in the ceremony. She'll be 9 by the wedding. She's too old to be a flowergirl (and almost as tall as me)...but I think probably too young to be a jr bridesmaid. What else can I have her be?

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Joey's Baby
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Is 9 too young? I hope not! My fiance's youngest daughter is 9 (soon 10) and I would like both of his girls as bride's maids. Is it too young?

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i thought i read that somewhere. Maybe it's not.
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Too old for a flowergirl but just fine for Jr. BM. It is my understanding that the term Jr. BM was "invented" to cover the in-between years - too old for FG and too young for BM.

Joey's Baby
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Cool, good to know.

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I think my "flower girl" is 12. I have no need for a Jr Bridesmaid so her official title is: "Sr Flower Maid". Its my cross between an older flower girl with a younger Jr Maid.

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I don't think 9 is too young. I have my FH's sister as my flower girl she is 9 and very excited to be the flower girl.
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I love "Sr. Flower Maid"! I really don't think the title matters - it's really that our little ones get to be in a wedding. It's what got me into this b

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I am right there with you. My FH's sister will be 9 and I am torn between asking her to be a Jr. bridesmaid or a flowergirl. what do ya'll think about asking her what she wants to be?

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My daughter is 8 and I have her as a Jr. Bridesmaid. She is so excited to stand with "the big girls" lol!
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Splash4u - Yes, ask her what title she would like. Remember back to that age, how important you felt, when someone asked you what you thought or wanted.

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I'm asking my 10 year old cousin to be a BM. i figure at that age I'd rather be with older girls and feel really important than be something that younger children usually are. Think about it, being asked to be a BM when you're only 9 or 10 would be pretty much the most amazing thing ever!

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I'm having my niece she will be turning 9 right after my wedding but she is tiny for her age and my ring bearer is 3 and he is pretty tall so I don't think it's too old at all!
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Young boys (or girls) aged six through nine who carry the bride's extra-long train (think of Lady Di's wedding) as she walks down the aisle. Also known as "train bearers."

How long is your train?

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I remember reading about the guidelines for flowergirls. And 8 is the max age. But then, it's your wedding, and so many people are doing it their way. My flowergirl just turned 8 in Feb. And I'm getting married in May. She is big for a flowergirl, but I would rather have her as the flowergirl than the junior bridesmaid. But do as you please :o)

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Now adays alot of rules are being broken. For example-now it's the bride and groom themselves who pay for the wedding. It's your wedding-do what you want and the hell with the rules!

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My daughter is 9 (will be 10 later this month) and when we got engaged, she asked me, "Do I have to be a flower girl?" (Imagine disgusted tone of voice.) She was so relieved that she could be a jr. bridesmaid instead of a flower girl! For whatever reason, she saw "flower girl" as being a very immature, babyish role. Besides, her brothers will be "groomsmen" (at 13 and 16 yrs old) so she wanted a grown up position too.

Your niece is perfect for a jr. bridesmaid! I'm sure she'll feel honored with the role.

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9 isn't too old but if she is almost as tall as you, depending on how tall you are then you might want to go with making her a Jr bridesmaid. I am having the same problem. I always wanted my cousin to be my flowergirl. She's 9 now and she is about 5'1"-5'2" so that's out. i still wanted to include her so she is my sole jr bridesmaid.
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