Today is my bridal shower!
My bridal shower is today! I am very excited but also nervous at the same time. I'm not a big fan of being the center of attention but it will give me a good practice run before the wedding :) so excited to see all my family and friends

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yay! Have a blast! and yes it will be good practice! I feel the same way as you do!!

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That was my exact feeling before my showers.. I wouldn't say I'm super shy in a group setting, but I can't stand the focus being on me for an extended period of time... While opening presents I always felt SO awkward! Just try not to over think it like I did and have fun!!

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You'll be fine!! My shower is today too!
(Also Corinne R., I felt the need to mention this as one doesn't see your first name very often. . .I have a 1st cousin named Corinne and my middle name is Corina (she and I are named after the same person)

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Thanks ladies.

Carrie- you're right it is a rare name. I'm always excited to hear of or meet another Corinne :) does your cousin pronounce her name Cor-rin or Cor-reen?

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have fun!! Hope you get lots of awesome goodies!! :)

--the gifts part is the worst with everyone staring at you--but everything else with mine was fine! I'm like you, I don't like a ton of attention on me.
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Have fun!! Can't wait to see pics!!

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How did it go @Corinne?! I hope you had a fantastic time!!
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