To Spray Tan or Not To Spray Tan, That is The Question!
Hi Everyone,

My wedding is in July and I am wearing a strapless dress - I want to have a little bit of color (I am feeling a little pasty at the moment as we coming out of the depths of winter) but do not want go to tanning beds (have done it in the past) because I have a few moles(gotta love that Italian heritage!) and have been told by the drs that it is a no go. So, I am thinking about getting a spray tan to get my little bit of color but I am worried that it may rub off on my dress or I might come out looking too orange! Any advice from those that have done it would be greatly appreciated. If I decide to do it, I would definitely get a trial about a month before but just want to get some feedback first.

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Thank you for posting this. I'm struggling with the same thing for my bridal portraits next month (doing it early to avoid the summer heat). Hopefully come September I will have collected some color from the sun ;)

Can't wait to see what's said!

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I am getting married in Sept and I am wonder bread white most of the time but by the end of summer I'll have a weird semi red color to my skin so I am planning on getting one. I'm going to try it out earlier in the summer I think to make sure I'm not allergic (bad experience w/a self tanner) and that I don't look like an Ooompa Loompa.

I would definitely do it especially with the risks of tanning. Do you tan outside? Maybe just wear a strapless top outside with some sunscreen for some color. Good luck!

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I am pretty pale so I spray tan before any major or sometimes even minor occasions. I love it. Everyone always comments on my color & 'glow'. I would recommend getting used to it because it takes a while to realize where streaks might occur so you can get used to protecting those areas and toweling off more around the ankles, wrists, knees, etc.

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I am worried about this as well as I am unable to use tanning beds, but I have never had a spray tan before.
Are these typically done in booths or are you there with someone actually spraying you?
(these may sound like stupid questions, but I am clueless when it comes to this)...

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I've never spray tanned before, but Miss Me sent this info to me a while ago when i asked...
As far as sunless tanning goes you have two options 1. Mystic Spray Tan or 2. Airbrush tan. The difference is with Mystic/spray tan you enter a booth and the machine sprays you. With Airbrush tan, an actual trained (fingers crossed that they're trained) person sprays you while you're naked in front of them. You do have the option of wearing pasties and a string thong if you'd like or some places have bandeau tops you can put on to cover your nipples. You have to figure out what you would be comfortable with. I would personally recommend going with airbrush tan so that you know someone is paying attention to every detail and crevice of your body and making sure its all evenly applied. However, if you're not uncomfortable with a strange woman seeing you naked then this is not the option for you. Here, I'll list info for each below so you can figure out what's best for you! :) (cont...)

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Mystic/Spray Tan: If you find the right tanning salon with the best Mystic booth, it usually applies very evenly. The good tanning salons offer different shades of tanning solution with or without bronzer. If you call a tanning salon and they say they only have one solution then you should NOT go with them. That means they havent upgraded their Mystic technologies. If they offer light, medium, dark with and without bronzer, then you've found a good tanning salon. Some salons even have heated booths. When you walk into them, close the door, and the nozzles start spraying it's very cold and gives you goosebumps. (salon gives your barrier cream. This is to be rubbed on your elbows (maybe your knees if they're ashy), and the bottoms and sides of your feet. Also you need to apply it to your fingernails, knuckles, and in between your fingers. If you do not use it then you will most likely get blotchy spots on your hands, elbows, feet, etc and you'll look like an oompa loompa! (cont....)

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If you are going to spray tan, I highly recommend finding a place where a person airbrushes you....not a place where you stand in a machine. The machines tend to unevenly spray you and they drip! I would go and have it done soon just to see how it looks!

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I have an appointment for someone to spray me (the machines freak me out-- I'm a weirdo). But I'm so worried it'll rub off on my dress (like around the back and the armpit area... ew!

**note: they're allowing me to come dressed however I want. I think I'll go with a small strapless swimsuit. Naked in front of strangers really just isn't my thing, lol
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Also, my little trick was to put paper towels under each of my feet while getting sprayed that way there's no way for the bottom of my feet to absorb the draining liquid. I know this info may be a little overwhelming but it's a sure fire way to make sure everything turns out perfectly! Of course I'd recommend you take Mystic tan for a test drive before your wedding day. Oh and you can also get solution with scents, I recommend staying away from the scents. I find they only make the smell stronger! ick! If you're going to do Mystic before your wedding day, do it the day before in the MORNING and do not shower until late that evening. (follow that advice. DO NOT DO IT THE DAY OF OR YOU'LL STINKY! Airbrush Tan: My biggest advice with this is to do your research. Google people who do mobile airbrushing or do it out of a salon and then find reviews on them. There's quite a few skeezes out there who are just looking to take your money. (cont...)

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I am Irish, so that means ghost white and freckles. Tanning beds just give me more
Have thought about the spray tan too, I've never had one either. But I think I am just going to try it out months before the wedding to see how it turns out. And then if its bad I won't do it and if it turns out good I will.

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If you do it at a large spa you're pretty safe. Getting airbrushed ensures that someone is personally making sure all your problem areas (elbows, knees, knuckles, fingers, feet) turn out well so you dont have to worry about barrier cream or blending spots. Airbrush usually doesn't have a odor like Mystic does so you're ready to go and get the show on the road after your airbrushed. You CAN do this the day of the wedding. I would recommend wearing a string thong and be topless so you can ensure you have no weird lines. If your airbrush person doesn't offer, make sure you tell them to pull up the sides of your thong and spray under it so you don't have a tan line in case you have some sexy time after your wedding ;) Here's a big tip, tanning solution whether it be mystic or airbrush can and might come off on your clothes (dress) if/when you sweat!(cont...)

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This is another reason why you need to test each out before your wedding day. Once you try one you feel you like, take the rest of the day to maybe work out or work up a sweat some way while wearing a white sports bra or tshirt. That way you can sweat test it! Anyway, I hope I'm not overwhelming you and I hope this info is helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions or need me to explain further! :)

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Good call with the work out/white sports bra.. I'll have to do that : )

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I agree, I've heard from friends and family that airbrush is the way to go if you do any sort of spray tan. I am super pale, as in allergic to the sun pale, would an airbrush tan look too tan on me? I wanted just a light glow, which for me would just make me a normal color, for our wedding.

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Airbrush is the way to go hands down

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I am a bed tanner....just afraid of messing up the spray tan

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Air brush is definitely more reassuring than mystic tan! I've done both. I do the mystic tan often, but go with airbrushing if it's an important event. I would recommend going to some local tanning salons and trying out both. In my experience mystic tan involved a lot of trial and error. I've only recently discovered a nice technique for an even tan every time. I have had problems with mystic tan rubbing off on white clothing the day of, but never noticed anything like this with airbrushing.

**And just a quick warning to anyone that is fair skinned or pale. If you choose mystic tan make sure you go with a mystic tan HD booth, these have different levels of color to choose from. The old mystic tan booths have one spray, and can show up orange on light skin.

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I spend a lot of time under the sun, but the couple times i did spray tan, it got all over my clothes..I'm probably going to stick with the sun.

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I'm a big fan of tanning- but I do custom airbrush tanning. In the hands of a skilled artist, it looks very natural, and they can even do contouring to make you look more toned. I've never had a problem with is looking fake, and get compliments when I do it. I will be doing it for my wedding, and probably another round before the honeymoon so I don't look pasty in my bikini.

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I am Casper white and I will be spray tanning for my wedding day. I could live in the sun for a year and never get a tan (thank you Irish parents).I agree with the ladies air brushing is a must!!! I have done it all and nothing looks more real than the air brushing. When you get sprayed by a person it ensures you won’t have dark spots (like knees and elbows) and you won't streak. If you are new to air brushing I would HIGHLY recommend trying it before your big day.

Tips from a spray tan junkie:
1. Make sure to use barrier cream on palms and feet.
2. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! The better you exfoliate the longer your tan will last
3. Leave on up to 24 hours before showering, the longer you leave on the initial app the darker you will get
4. Get your tan at least two days before your wedding so you have times just in case you need touch ups
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