OK - I need help on how much I should be tipping my vendors. My caterer has already included a 21% gratuity, so no more money for those folks . . . but what about the DJ, florist, photographer, and shuttle driver? Do they get 15% (seems pretty high when I think of 15% of my photographer bill) or is it more of a set $$ amount ($50-$100). PLEASE HELP! I don't want to be cheap, but I definitely don't want to overpay if I can help it.

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I have never heard of tipping a florist it is a business & you are buying a product if you went in & ordered a get well basket you would not give them a tip. Is the photographer the owner? If so I would not tip him either if there is the main photographer(the owner) plus a helper I would tip the helper but not 15% of your package. Same goes for the DJ unless he does an exceptional job & at the end of the night you would like to thank him for going above & beyond to make your wedding special, so maybe a $50 -100. I would definately tip the shuttle driver,because he is just paid an hourly rate. Maybe some denomination up to $50. I don't know if this is etiquettly correct & it is just my opinion. Good luck & best wishes.
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As lead photographer I do not expect a tip however if I am shooting with an assistant I give the tip to her.My time is already a part of the package price it is nice to receive a tip and "$50.00 seems about the average Thank you" Althought I did receive a $400.00 tip once that I split between the assistance at the event.www.nealstudios.com
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I get this question as a wedding planner all the time. It certainly is a good one. A tip is rendered for a service not an end product. The vendors that provide a service are your officiant, hair stylist, make-up artist, wedding planner, DJ, maitre d' (some venues require $3-$5 per guest in addition to your gratuity fee), musician, limo driver, bridal attendant, etc. For vendors that are providing you with an end product such as photographers, videographers, and florists you normally don't tip them. But I've had clients tip their photographer and videographer $100 & up for an exceptional job. The tipping scale is 15%-20% for hair and make-up. For the shuttle driver, see if gratuity (typically 20%) is included in your bill. If it is, don't double tip unless he's exceptional. You can tip him an additional $25-$50. For DJ/musicians, you can tip $50-$100 per person. For bridal attendants you can tip $100 and up. And Officiants are tipped $50-$100. I hope this helps. Good Luck!


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Tipping the Servers and Bartenders especially if the Caterer is brought into your location is a good idea. They did hours of furniture moving and truck unloading before your event and have hours of clean up to do after you go. Since they're usually not fulltime employees they're not getting overtime or benefits.
Ask your Catering Manager for a list of names and give them cash in envelopes with their names on them.
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