Time Frame when ordering Wedding Dress
I will be going out for the first time next week to start shopping and trying on wedding dresses. I know dress vendors differ as far as the time it takes to receive your dress once it is ordered. How long did it take to receive your dress when the order was placed?

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I was told to order mine in September for a July wedding. It's supposed to take 12 weeks to come in, so I'm not sure why I need it so early or if it takes longer since the summer is busier?

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I haven't bought my dress yet but every place I;'ve been has told me to allow at least 4 months for the dress to come,a month for alterations and then another month if you plan on doing alterations to make sure you have time to get your dress cleaned. My wedding is also in May so I plan onordering mine no later then the middle of October just in case.

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it took me 3 months to get my dress back and every store told me the sooner the better

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My wedding is in July and I'll be ordering in October.

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i was lucky and didnt have to order my dress. the shop i got it from had exactly what i wanted and my size.

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I'm not ordering my dress, so I can't really help you by telling how long it will take, but I've heard everything up to 6 months.
What I would do though is telling them your wedding date is one month ahead of your actual date. That way, if they mess up, you still have enough time to fix anything.

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I just ordered mine a few weeks ago but I was told 6-9 months. It really depends on the boutique and the designer.

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I ordered my dress from Davids Bridal and they told me 6 months, but it came back in 2. Either way the sooner the better so that you are guaranteed your size, color, etc. You can always find a safe place to keep it until your big day.

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My wedding is also in May & I ordered my dress the last weekend in August from a bridal boutique. I'm expecting it back within about 4-5 months.

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It really all depends. I like to think the worst when it comes to some as important as the dress is in a wedding. My wedding is in July, but I am going to be ordering next weekend (only because I found the dress I want!) I have a friend that just got married this past June and she had a horrible time getting her dress. They ordered the wrong one for her and then they had to wait to get the other one in and then do all the alterations. It took up to 7 months to get the dress where it needed to be! I would say start looking, but dont stress about it! But be careful... you might find what you want! Haha!

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my sister order from www.UBrides.com , a custom made store , it looks very stunning , but just cost her $279 , i am thinking to get from here .

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My wedding is next June, and I ordered mine about 3 months ago- but mine is being custom made, so it's probably a bit londer. But it's not like I knew that I wanted it to be custom made when I went in there, I just hapenned to fall in love with the front of one dress but didn't like the back, so it became a custom job. Give yourself time in case that happens, I just lucked out that I did! Good Luck!

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they told me usually 5-6 months and then they try to scare you into paying a rush fee. mine came within 10 days as it was in stock with the designer.
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