Throwing leaves...
So we are getting married in the fall, and I had this grand idea..I thought instead of birdseed or bubbles the guest could throw leaves..they are abundent by us during this time of the year, and there would be no clean up required. They could just blow away..I also think it would look cool for pictures...
IS THIS TACKY OR APPEAR CHEAP??? Be HONEST ladies..I am a tough cookie and can handle criticism

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Tiny Dancer
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I saw this at a wedding I did a couple years ago and it was gorgeous! And free! They collected the leaves from their yard and brought them to the ceremony.

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II think its a wonderful idea!

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cute idea! I would do that too but we are going to do dried rose petals instead...

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I think it'd be so cute!
Will you go out and collect them beforehand? Different kinds/colors? You'll want to make sure they aren't caked with dirt or wet at all!

Mrs. D (formerly Tasha E)
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I like the idea and think it would look great for the pictures.

Wedding: 09/02/2017
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I love the idea but in a late fall will there be leaves the beginning of October? I know here in WI some years it is hit and miss with your wedding date and you are further south than I am.

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Yeah we will have to see..otherwise i will just rip them off branches haha and dry them out :)

Wedding: 09/02/2017
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lol- Mrs. J- just make sure you dont rip the leaves off Poison Ivy or something like that!!! LOL- and FYI- there is something that grows on fallen leaves (i dont remember if its a mold, fungi, etc) that can cause people with strong allergies to have major issues... I am assuming you and FH dont have outdoor allergies.

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We're actually using leaves too. Instead of the flower girl tossing petals, she will toss leaves. And I actually just decided that we are going to line the aisle runner with leaves the way you sometimes see it lined with petals as well. I always dreamed of getting married outside in the fall with leaves everywhere, but then we fell in love with an indoor venue so this is my compromise.

You can buy bags of fall colored leaves at a craft store like Michaels or probably even order them online.

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Oh yeah jessica c- The fh and I have had MANY run ins with poison ivy..we are both hunters...

I suppose that we better use fake ones..don't want anyone swelling up like a balloon.

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there are real touch leaves at Micheals not expensive...

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I love the leaf idea - but yeah, you might want to go with fake leaves if there is a possibility that your guests could have an allergic reaction to real ones.

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Dang, why didn't I think of this!??!? I was wracking my brain thinking of what to "toss". We are having our ceremony at a state park and we are not permitted to toss rice, or anything that won't bio-degrade. Fall wedding.....LEAVES! I was going to make bells for folks to ring. Maybe I'll scrap that idea and gather up some leaves and put them in little bags for everyone. Much easier! =D

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GREAT idea! I may have to steal it from you, that ok????

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Yep for sure..just watch for allergies..that is not something I would have thought of..however, I guess people who know they have an allergy will not participate...

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We are doing leaves as well. Flower Girl is now a leaf girl and guests will also throw them :) unless I decide on dried lavender.
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