This is a JOKE right?!
Ok.. so I have been waiting for now 4 WEEKS to get a quote from this Middle Eastern restaurant to cater our wedding. His meals at the restaurant is no more than $10.00 a plate. This includes a salad, chicken and beef skewers and rice. Ok.. knowing this in mind, I figured.. no more than $30.00 a plate which should include, china and service for a sit down meal.. ummmm.. NO. I just received his quote after endless promises to call me back and never did (basically had to harass him) for 75$ a plate.. which does NOT include the service charge of 20% and tax of 10%.. is this guy OUT OF HIS MIND?!

UGHGGGHGHHHHHHH!! Back to square one again!! I hate vendors that just screw with you.. are there any honest businesses out there anymore?!

Lee I.
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if you had to chase him and his his bid is to high - I would say NEXT and move on.

It is apparent to me he does not care about your wedding or needs. I would not trust him to do mine.

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It's that age-old saying that a cake is just a cake, but a WEDDING cake is $3000 cake. Anytime people hear "wedding" they automatically hike the price because people are usually willing to shell out big bucks for such an event. I've even noticed it with favors. We are planning on giving out matches and to have regular custom matches made cost less than if we went to a wedding site and had custom "wedding" matches made. It's garbage. I would look elsewhere if I were you.

Lee I.
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It's so frustrating! We are definitely looking elsewhere.. I just HATE wasting time.. and that jerk wasted our time. I can't believe the nerve of some "professionals." We are a little over 5 months away. Food is one of the key aspects to ensure a successful wedding.. I just want to freaking scream. Looks like tonight I will start my hunt all over again.
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There are HUGE differences in a restaurant price vs a catering price. Unless you are eating at the restaurant, he has to bring everything with him, right? So it isn't just food and some china. It is cooking set ups to cook on site. It is cooling and warming cabinets to keep your food at the proper temperature. It is labor to do all of those things, which is likely someone he hires to work your event only. That means hauling in all of the stuff you will use. Banquet staff is not the same as a restaurant wait staff. It is trucks to bring everything to where you are. The price doesn't go up for the word wedding. It does go up with the cost of doing the event.

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CrystalS - that's fine and dandy.. but the venue has a fully stocked kitchen.. which he stated he would be using.. he would cook on site.. and besides.. it's tiny pieces of beef and tiny pieces of chicken. NOTHING ridiculously expensive. And besides, he would need to do all of the labor you listed at his own restaurant.. why doesn't he hike up the prices there? If he wants to pay servers and food staff an extra 45$ an hour on top of the 25$ an hour they would already be receiving which STILL doesn't include the 20% service charge.. then YES he is OUT OF HIS MIND. Unless chicken and beef have spiked to a minimum of $11.00 per ounce.

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That is nuts, but there is a huge difference between his costs at the restuarant and his costs to have an event offsite. Like Cricket said- it's alot of personnel, from chefs to servers. It's seperate equipment. Transport of china is very difficult, and very time consuming.

Lee I.
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Agreed Meghan, but the cost should not total $6800.00 to transport china, food or whatever. Honestly, I believe he is trying to take advantage of us. He thought, oh look at this young couple that doesn't know any better. WRONG. This little b!tch knows more than enough.

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question. Does he know that you are catering an event or does he think you are going to hold it at the restaurant.

Cause that quote sounds like he thinks you want to have it there. Which would make sense as he would be losing all other clientele all night and it's prob a Saturday.

perhaps call and ask if that is for them to bring the food to you or to host a reception at his restaurant. Cause maybe if he is just bringing a lot of food normal catering style in big trays then that price woudl be lower.

good lluck

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He is going to be catering the event. His restaurant closes at 4 pm on the weekends, and dinner will not be starting until 8 pm for my wedding.

Thank you Mrs. Smith, I'm just going to look elsewhere. I will call him today though and give him some advice on catering and being a successful and professional business owner if he wants to make it in this line of business. It's not like I asked for steak and lobster.. yeesh.

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I went through this exact issue when trying to find a caterer for our wedding in Vermont. The first place I looked was the local restaurants. I was floored at the prices for a buffet Italian meal. However, as everyone stated, there are different costs involved. We also sought quotes from people who only did catering. They did not want to lose a good wedding day(October in Vermont) on a small guest list of 60.

I am sorry about the time you have wasted waiting for him. Good luck searching for a replacement.
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