I think I bought the wrong wedding dress
I am convinced I bought the wrong wedding dress. I buckled under pressure in the bridal shop because they were offering a great discount(on your first visit only!) and I knew my Mom and Sister would not want to shop a lot for a dress with me. So, I ordered one. I knew that night when I got home that I didn't love it but was convinced my family and the bridal shop owner that it would be fine and this type of buyer's remorse happens alot. So, I took their advice and let it go. I am so afraid when it arrives in a couple of weeks I am going to be very disappointed. What should I do?? Any suggestions? Do I dare go try on more dresses or am I making the situation worse?

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I'm so with you honey!! I'm worried about mine too!!!

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Its your dress. If you are not happy with it return it. Since it has not been worn or even left the bridal place you may be able to get your money back. This is a special once in a life time thing. Don't settle for less than perfect. I understand time constraints and budgets make us make hasty decisions but your dress is one of the most important things. Make sure you are totally happy with it. I'm sure your family will want you to be happy. The store was just trying to make a sale. I would check with another bridal shop for the next dress. Good luck in your search!

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I probley shouldnt post cuz I don't want to make your situation worse but have my dress and have had it for 3 months and just ordered a new one friday that I Totaly love.. So your not the only one..

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Usually bridal store dresses are not returnable. See if you can contact them now before it comes in to see if the order can be stopped now. You will probably be hit up with some fees but it would be better than paying full- price, or talk to the owner and see if you are able to transfer your deposit to another dress. I would hate for you to lose any money that you put down on the dress but the bridal store doesn't want to be stuck with a dress that they can't sell either.

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did the same thing..it kept bothering me so after a while, looked again and found THE dress...since it just happened, you may be able to order a new one or get your money back..good luck!

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My sister bought 2 dresses for her wedding and ended up wearing the first one she bought. She has asked me to sell the second one on Ebay, and whatever I get for it I can keep to use towards my dress. It's beautiful and I would love to wear it, but we are not the same size.

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This really makes me think!! I would like to see if I could sell mine b4 I get a new one though... If any one is interested please let me know! I'll post a pic on my IB
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If in your heart you don't think its right for you...then cancel the order. It would be easier to cancel now...Don't let anyone pressure you. It's YOUR day. Go with your gut.

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I dont have any advice but I'm kinda surprised by that kind of sale. Thats a terrible position to put a bride in!

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I had buyer's remorse and felt pressured too. I wasn't on the same page with my mom, she put down the deposit before I could stop her. The dress was exactly what I thought I wanted but it was the only one I tried on. I think I robbed myself of the chance to try on other dresses I might like more, but probably not. ask the store if they haven't put in the order yet if you can try on other dresses there. ask them to put the order on hold with the designer or call directly if you can.

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UPDATE: Well, thanks to all for your feedback! Unfortunately, I ordered the dress back in Oct and it should be here next month so no exchanges at this point. I went back to the store today and tried the dress on again and felt happy with it. I can't say it's "the one" but don't think I will ever feel that way about one dress. I do think there are others out there I would be just as happy with. I didn't dare try on others in fear I might like one better. But, it looked good, I found a gorgeous beaded veil to match and best part, I clearly lost weight because they measured me again and said I was down 2 dress sizes. Great for photos, not so great on the wallet when it comes to alterations! =) Thanks to all you ladies for the hearing me complain and offering good advice.

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I am not trying on nor looking at any more dresses because I don't want to feel like I want something else. When I tried the dress on I was very happy with it but people post pics of their dresses and I love them too and briefly think if I would be happier with something else but I have shut my brain off to even think of buying something else.

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I know exactly how you feel. I bought a dress under pressure because it was $99 at Davids. It's a very beautiful dress but once I got up to that counter and paid for it, there was no turning back for me. I didn't feel at peace with myself when I bought it and tried to convince myself that it was ok. I bought mines in November. I still don't like it like I ought to. I don't go to look at it often, which makes me question my picking. I do think I'm going to look again though. I do believe that my dress is out there. I just wish I hadn't bought the first one. That was the second dress I tried on. The very first dress I had on, I really did like but wasn't in my color. Wish I had known they carried it in White. Oh well, I might have to settle. Hopefully not.
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