They say rain is good luck on your wedding day!
Well then we are the luckiest people alive! It only rains an average of 2 inches in the month of October in Florida, we got 3 that day.

For a girl that always dreamed about her wedding outside on the water, I didn't get it. But that didn't but a damper on anything. The ceremony was still beautiful. Bryan almost said my vows, I put the ring on his wrong hand, and yet it was still awesome!

We began taking pictures after the rain let up for a bit, so we got one picture under a rainbow, then it downpoured again. In the end I just had fun with it grabbed an umbrella and the photographer began taking photos. I thought it would put a real damper on the evening but the guests had a great time despite the rain. The dancefloor was constantly packed.

I totally recommend a wedding planner, she was on top of moving everything around, keeping the guests happy, keeping me calm.

Some things will go run, 1 table was out of place, but no one seemed to care or be hurt by it.

Some nonpro pics

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Married: 10/08/2011
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The first one is what the ceremony would have looked like had it not rain, where it would have been. Oh well. Gotta roll with the punches

Married: 10/08/2011
Reviews: 13
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My very favorite was the last one

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beautiful photos! And I hope that luck thing is true; we had a LOT of Irene weddings!

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aww, it looks beautiful! Congrats!

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I love your dress. Everything looks great!!! Way to have a great attitude about your day!!! Congrats!

Married: 10/08/2011
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One more. we still had the reception under the porch

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You looked beautiful, congrats! And you go for not letting the rain get in you way!

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You looked so pretty. Congrats!

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Your venue is beautiful! Even if it wasn't where you had originally wanted it! Congrats!

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I'm usually all over the place in my thoughts, a few things:

I recommend a first look. Bryan had tears streaming completely down his face when he saw me for the first time. It was like a water fall. It didn't take away from the walk down the aisle because I saw him wipe his tears then too

Everyone loved the photobooth, there are some crazy pictures from it

Add some touches that make you two you. We did a fist bump right after the first kiss, because that's who we are, and everyone loved it.

We also did a special choreographered dance, and everyone was so excited about it. I'll post the video when I get it.

Just enjoy your day! It goes by fast

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you looked beautiful, and so happy.
i bet the rain made some beautiful pro pics too!
congrats :)

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Oh how lovely!

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Congrats! You look gorgeous.

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Oooh, I can't wait for your dance video! I'm excited for it! And you both looked great! *fist bump*

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Hi, My name is Elena. You got married at the same venue as I am going to be getting married at this January. I'm sorry your day got rained on. The pictures are still great that you posted. The venue is perfect. Funny fact, I was talking to my photographer about the wedding venue and he told me he did a wedding there that weekend. That it rained the whole time, etc. Funny how we have the same photographer too. I wish you and your new husband all the happiness even though we never met. Your wedding gave me peace of mind on what to do if it does in fact rain.

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Mrs B! Your pictures look fabulous! You were a stunning bride! Congratulations to you and Hubby. :-)

Where did you get your program fans? I am still trying to figure out if I will DIY them.

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Thanks Singing Diva. We got them from Etsy Seller iDoArtsyWeddings. They were a bit expensive I think we got 90 for $200, but she did everything, including putting the handles on. And they held up great.

Indian Bride-Will have to email that over to you. It came on the whole video, and I have to figure out a way to just extract the dance. But it was a hit! The vendors loved it too
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