they found my dress... drama update.
So they found my dress. It's a size 16, and I ordered a size 12, but with the kick-back they gave me on the price, it's all good news, and seamstress says she can alter it enough. For those of you who don't know, I had a whole dress drama, but I found out today for sure that they had found it, and that I was gonna get it in the silver I wanted after all, so now everything is finally good.

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Jeanette, you are one very patient lady. I would have blown a gasket long ago and just demanded my money back. You must really love that dress. I hope things go well from now on. Will cross my fingers for you.

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Woo hoo! That's awsome! Let us know when it comes through for you!

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Yeah that is great. I bet it is a big relief.

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totally is. Hope it works out since it is a little big.

Lauren FM
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I bet your seamstress will make it look lovely and it will fit like a glove!

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Oh my goodness.

I think they'll be able to take it down - I think usually dresses can be altered 2-3 sizes up or down pretty easily, it's after that you run into problems.

Is your seamstress at that shop? Will they give you a deal on the alterations or have you priced that out yet?

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Soon to be Mrs R
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congrats girl. I would have blown a gasket and went postal.
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