Themes: How Important Are They?
We have just recently booked our wedding venue. The building is located on a private beach. The cocktail hour will be outside, but the reception itself will be inside. We have decided that our colors are light pink and gray, but a theme had never crossed my mind. My FMIL had suggested we choose a theme to help guide us with things such as table numbers, place cards, etc and suggested beach due to the location. I think the beach is gorgeous but was never a huge beach person. After looking online, though, I did find some cute ideas. I also know that a theme should reflect your personality and had considered a sophisticated (not childish) princess theme.

How important is a theme? Should my colors be enough to guide me with decor?

Also, in regards to e-pictures, do they have to reflect your wedding? We have a few ideas (save the date football jerseys since FH is huge football fan, and country theme with me wearing cowboy boots). Are these ideas too irrelevant for the feel of our wedding?

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Future Mrs.
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Personally, I don't feel a theme is necessary. My SIL actually asked early on if I had a theme and when I said no, she looked really confused. BUT, I think it is useful (for me) to carry the style of your stationary, so maybe that's the theme your mom is talking about?

I don't think your e-pics need to have anything to do with your wedding. I saw zombie-themed e-pics on here recently :)

Future Mrs.
Married: 09/08/2012
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Btw, congrats on picking your venue! Has to be such a relief!

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Well I think my future mother in law mentioned it as a way of helping me choose invitations, place cards, etc, but since I had never considered it I wanted to seek out some opinions on whether or not I should choose one.

And thank you! I cannot wait for our engagement photos! I have a lot of ideas!

Booking the venue was an amazing feeling. Everyone always asks "Do you have a date?" and we knew we wanted spring of 2014 but now we have an actual date!

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Themes aren't important or even needed. As far as picking everything out, you can just stick with the colors/flowers that match everything.

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Themes are not necessary. If you decided to go with one, let it reflect who and your FH are though. Let it be a part of each you, just like your colors, should be some of your favorites. None of these decisions should be a struggle to come up with. Like your ideas for your engagement pics - Super cute!!!

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Themes aren't necessary but having an overall feel of the wedding is important. Are you wanting something casual or black tie formal? This will dictate how the stationary looks, what kind of food to serve, the look of the cake, and so forth.

I think victorian tea garden would be beautiful for a feel or shabby chic for a pink and grey wedding. It's not a theme necessary but how you want to look. Again not important.

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My colors are pink and grey also and I do not have a theme. Honestly it never seemed like something I needed, even now when the wedding is two months away I can say we are doing fine without one. :)

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Themes aren't needed. I'm personally going with a theme because I'm very scatter brained and throw everything that I like into it. FH is a major Star Wars fan, so that's our theme. and so far, it's a little tricky finding anything "wedding" in Star Wars. But we're managing. Our ceremony is by a lake and reception indoors. Congrats on booking!

If pink and gray is your thing, that's all you need. My mom's always said the simplest often become the best. :) Or something like that.

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Thank you everyone for your input!

Audra - we are going for a formal feel, not casual at all.

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We are also theme-less. My colors have guided me pretty well through the whole process. I think it's good though to have a style in mind, if you want traditional, modern, vintage, whatever and kind of stick to that and your colors.

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We are themeless. We are doing what we like and what reflects our personality.

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No theme here either. I am just using my wedding colors (pink and white) and wedding flowers (hydrangeas and orchids) throughout the decor.

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I didn't do a theme really. I had a fall wedding, with fall colors, so that is what really guided me. You have the colors and a summer beach wedding, I would just use that as your guide. You can really do whatever you want and have fun with it!! :D

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We don't have a theme either. We are just using our colors. Although if you ask some my colors don't match the season I am having my wedding in but I don't care.

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Themes are not necessary. I am not having a theme. We are getting married in December and decided to just have winter colors. This way, we are not pigeon-holed into one set color/theme.
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Thank you guys for all of the input! I feel better now about just having my pink and gray spring wedding. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who didn't consider a theme!

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Themes arent important its all up to the bride and how she wants things is how i look at it..
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