The little things: toasting flutes, guestbook, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, cake servers..
I really don't want to spend a fortune on these items since they'll probably be used just once!

So please share...where did you get yours from?

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I don't think we're going to have toasting flutes, but I might decide to surprise FH and get Green Bay Packers ones (if I can find them for a reasonable price).

FH's 'mom' (gma, but she raised him) is making us a 'signature' quilt which we'll use as our guest book. She's picking up the expense and making it for us :)

flower girl basket - I plan on DIY with a cheap basket from Michaels and some ribbon

cake servers - there was a DIY set on here a few days ago where the bride picked them up at Dollar Tree (I think) and added some ribbon - super cute.

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Guestbook and ringbearer pillow I am DIYing. We don't have a flower girl (small wedding). I'm thinking of taking a cue from one of the ladies on here for the cake server and wedding flutes...she got a cake server at the dollar store and blinged it up with her colors and such...figured I could do the same, and add flutes to that as well!

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We alraeady had our champagne flutes and sterling serving set, so we thought there was no reason to get new.

Michaels and AC Moore all have some relatively inexpensive items. A step above would be Things Remembered. Also, a lot of girls made their pillows and flower girl baskets.

Of course, there are also tons of website out there that run good sales.

Good luck!

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The cake server set and toasting flutes are being provided by our venue....but you can find all that stuff really cheap at Wal Mart, and if they dont have it in stock you can usually find it online, and have it shipped to your nearest store.

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Dollar store and cutting things out (ie: special toasting flutes, no flower girl etc)
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Most of them you can cut out; the rest at thrift stores, ebay or the dollar store....

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toasting flutes - found at a thrift shop, though now I guess my aunt bought some.

guestbook- photobook from shutterfly. Got a deal for $20 off.

ring bearer pillow - using a box I got at Big Lots for $5 instead.

flower girl basket - $4 Walmart special.

cake servers - $8 at Joann Fabrics.

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We put our toasting flutes and cake server on our registry. I'm not sure if this is an option for you....but they always seem to be bought and given at almost every shower I have been to. If not, just go to somewhere cheap and pick them up and design them yourself.

I saw a guestbook at Hallmark the other day for $5....they are everywhere (just not Hallmark) , and you can add little embellishments to them.

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We made out RB pillow and FB baskets. I had a guest book custom made, it's a scrapbook style. And I just went out and bought fancier glasses at Stokes, and used those for the gals, and had beer mugs monogramed for the guys. I think for both sets of glasses and monogramming for the one set was $60 total.

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DIY baby....DIY!~ made the flower girl basket, ring bear pillow and card box all by myself. looking for the other items on craigslist, ebay, thrift stores, etc.

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micheal and hobby lobby using the 50 perent off coupons or hobby lobby wedding sale and party city

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im sending you a pm. with some info!

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I splurged on my flute and knife set. The original price was $180, but I found them on sale and had coupon from bridal magazine. My total cost was $100.I want to start traditions for my family. Hopefully the items I buy will be passed on from generation to generation.

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Most of those items my FSIL gave to me after she used them at her wedding. I'm sure I'll pass them on to another bride when I am finished with them as well.

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My FMIL is making our ring bearer pillows out of the shawl that matches the dress of our Jr BM - it's not like she's going to want to wear a shawl!

Our FG baskets are being borrowed from our florist.

Our toasting flutes and cake knife/server were given to us - you could also use the ones of your parents. (We broke out my FMIL/FFIL's cake knife for our Jack and Jill Shower.)

We bought our card box at Michaels - regular price $30, so you know what that can be with coupons. :) (They have both white and ivory - one store we went to only had white, fortunately we waited and bought the ivory at another store!)

The only thing we spent a bunch on is our guest frame and mat for signatures - we got it from Michaels, but with all the sales and coupons we had, I think what would have been about $65 was somewhere around $30.

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I got a $9 serving set from Ebay and made it pretty with ribbons. I "found" my Mikasa crystal flutes in the attic and made them pretty with ribbons. I ordered a town crier ringing bell (no flowers) online for $9 and my decor coordinator is making that pretty with ribbons. Card box was a MAJOR splurge on Etsy. Guestbook I am using "recipe cards" at each place setting so people can write individual messages and put them in a box that will be on each table. We can collect them up and put them all in one box or put them in a scrap book. I haven't decided yet.

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Oriental trading company

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I truly understand about the one day thing. I brought everything except my flower girl baskets at hobby lobby when they have their 50% off sale. I brought the flower girl baskets when they were on clearance at michaels and I changed the fabric because it wasn't my color but i only paid $5 for two baskets.

Mrs. J-Mo
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Thank u everyone :))))
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