the hunt is over! shoe pics and a Q!
Good morning everyone!
Did anyone else find shoe shopping to be the hardest part of this whole thing? lol
Anyway I bought my shoes yesterday and I love them BUT I am a bit worried as they don't really match the colours of anything else. Well they "go" as they are in the pink family (we are doing pewter BM dresses and GM ties with shades of pinks, creams and a touch of yellow in the flowers)
Do you think this colour will be ok?

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absolutely! Your shoes do not have to match exactly. They are adorable. I'm finding my jewelry to be the most difficult part.

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Love your shoes! No, the absolutley do not have to match anything else. I had a hard time finding my shoes as well. Ended up finding them on Ebay for 2.99. yay!

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yay! thanks ladies. Not sure why I was stressing about something so silly!

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@Jen-sweet deal!!! let's see them!! :)

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They're pretty and they'll work w/ shades of pink, plus they'll mostly be hidden anyway assuming your dress is long.
I'm with you on the difficulty of finding shoes; I tried another five stores this week with no luck. My first meeting w/ the seamstress is this Mon. so I think the not-so-gorgeous pair I found will have to be what I wear for that. I'm hoping she can wait on the hemming til the next fitting.

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I am really struggling with the shoes too, and my jewelry wasn't easy to choose either! I think your shoes look great :-)

Lauren FM
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I'm stressing over shoes too!! I have too many "needs" and can't find ones that I like : (

Gonna B Mrs. B
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Yup I still haven't found the right shoes yet.

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Those are really pretty and they will go great! The shoes was probably the easiest for me. Actually the first thing I bought. I wasn't even shopping for shoes. We were at the mall and they have a kiddie train ride and our kids were on it. There was a shoe store in front of the ride so while the kids were going in circles I looked in the window and there they were! Love at first sight. Went in and bought them right then.

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Yep - shoes were hard for me too. We are having our reception outside on the lawn and so could not wear heels but FH is almost a foot taller than me. Finally found a gorgeous pair of pink satin wedges. Whew!

Yours are beautiful and I agree with everyone else that they will def go with pinks and creams!

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I love your shoes! I'm jealous I was searching every where humanely possible for pink shoes because my dress is trimmed in pink. But everything was too high or they didn't have my size. So I just settled on silver ones, which so happens to be our second color! @Linda R. Strange thing date twin, we are also having an outside wedding! LMAO! But I got Sole mates which are a heel protector to keep you from sinking into the grass! Haven't tried them out yet but they sure look like they'll do the trick!

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Oh my gosh, I love love love those shoes!
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