Thank you poem to parents
Someone posted a thank you poem to the parents awhile back and i can't seem to find it now. Anyone remember it or have the link to that post??

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nobody? :( Bummer! It was so cute.
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Here are some poems - not sure if they're the ones you're looking for: Yahoo Answers

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I have it!!!! I borrowed it and put it in my programs :)

How could we possibly thank you enough, to the ones who made us whole. The ones to whom we owe our lives, the forming of our souls. The ones who tucked us in at night, the ones who stopped our crying,
The ones who were experts, at knowing when we were lying. The ones who made such sacrifices, to always put us first, Who let us test our broken wings, In spite of how it hurt. Who painted the world a rainbow, when it was filled with broken dreams, Who explained it all so clearly, when nothing was what it seemed.

What way is there to thank you, for your heart, your sweat, your tears, for ten thousand little things you did, for oh so many years. For changing with us as we changed, accepting all our flaws, Not loving because you had to, but loving "just because." For never giving up on us, when your wits had reached their end, For always being proud of us, for being our most reliable friends.

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And so we come to realize, the only way to say,
The only thank you that's enough, is clear in just one way. Look at us before you, and see what we've become, Do you see yourselves in us? The job that you have done? All your hopes and all your dreams, the strength no one ever saw, A transfer over many years. Your best was passed to us all. Thank you for the gifts you give, for everything you do. But most of all, thank you for making dreams come true.

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awww thats so sweet

Amie326 - formally known as"."
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That's the one I have to use also. I love it :)

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aww now Im crying =^(

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That's it Jessica!! Awesome! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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Yes, I posted that a couple times. We are having it read at our ceremony. I wanted to do it but I know that I would not beable to get through it with out crying.

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I wanted to read it at my parents during the rehearsal dinner as a thank you. :D

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That is lovely. I am going to have to use it too.

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Crying...C, if you are reading this and decide to do it in any way, make sure I only buy waterproof make-up please!Haha all those years of hate me now, love me later would have come full circle...

Girls, as a MOB, I know that if you should have this read, read it yourself, put it in a program or mail it to your parents, it is something they will treasure forever; a public acknowledgment that you realize what they did for you. Priceless...

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ohhhh....this is GOOD STUFF! I teared up a bit! If I read this outloud Im SURE to bawl. Waterproof mascara here I come! *sniff sniff*

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okay this was posted like 2 years ago but Thank God for the internet because its the perfect poem and I'm using it. @Cindy M. if you are still around thanks for asking for it. @Jessica A. if you are still around thanks for posting it again. Gotta Love WW and the internet, it don't delete anything LOL
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