Tanning- How far in advance to start? How often/long?
My wedding is June 26th, and I'll be wearing a strapless dress. I want a hint of color/very lowkey tan not a deep or orange-looking tan. I am not the palest person out there, and can get color if need be (yet can also burn). Please, no lectures on skin cancer (I work for a hospital& will only be doing this to get a little color for my wedding).

I've only ever been to a tanning salon twice (years ago in college). How far in advance should I start tanning? How often to go? How long per session? Any lotion recommendations? I should probably get this color before my makeup trial, so I'm thinking I should start soon. THanks!

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I have had an airbrush tan that worked out great. It was a one time thing that I had done about 1 week before my event and it lasted about 2 weeks. As far as the tanning bed goes, it might take 3-4 times per week for a month or 2 to get a nice color. I think it really depends on your skin.

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I started last month in the tanning bed, only because it was still too cold to go by my pool. I started at 3 times a week for 5-8 minutes, then went built up to 12 minutes. Nows its warm enough so i just lay by my pool a few times a week.

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I was thinking the same thing so, I started going last week. I haven't been to a tanning bed in years, so I was surprised at the crazy high tech beds they have! I don't burn easily, so I get to start out at a higher time, then you do, so I'm assuming it would take a little longer for you. However, I've gone 5 times, and I already have a decent amount of color! Its so fast! I regret not waiting until closer to the day to start.

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If you don't want to do airbrush- start about 3 weeks before the wedding. I don't know your skin tone, but it helps to not overdo it. There is nothing wrong with a little tanning- just be smart about it. Get a good lotion from your salon and use it every time!

I'd recommend tanning about 5-6 minutes to start every other day. After about 4 or 5 times, I'd go to 7 minutes, then move to 8.

Personal opinion- I would never go longer than 8 minutes. You just want a little color anyway.

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I just started and I go twice a week for 8 minutes and I def. have some color...Come summer I will lay out on the boat!!!!

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Thank you everyone! I can't wait to see what a difference it will make. I'll wait until a month prior.

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A tanning lotion I bought last year that worked really well was Swedish Beauty Take Olive Me lotion, it was an all natural lotion and it worked great for me and gave a great color! We planned a vacation at the last minute last march to go to FL I only had to weeks to get some kind of color. And It did the trick, although I have my own tanning bed...I started at like 6 mins and worked my way up. Dont try to rush the tan...I tend to do that sometimes and I get burned..literally..Good Luck!!! Oh and the Lotion is selling for like $25 on Amazon!!

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FH and I started a week or so ago. We wanted color for the wedding, but we also don't want to burn on our honeymoon! I've gone a handful of times, and have started to see a difference a little bit. Spent a couple hours on the golf course (first sign of nice weather we've seen here in Michigan in months!) yesterday and I look like I just got back from Florida! So, I'm glad my sessions at the tanning place are almost up- I'd much rather get the tan outside! ...and just pay a few sessions to even out the tan lines :)
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