Table/Seating assignment
The venue for the dinner and reception told me they recommend table/seating assignment. How does this work? Do people wander around til they find the table with their name card? Or are they somehow informed ahead of time where they will be seated???

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each table will have a number on it. Then you either have a table that has cards with each person's name and table number on it or you do a seating chart on a stand. I made my own, it's in my inspiration boards if you want to check it out. Either way you put their names in alphabetical order so there's no wondering around searching for their names.

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Like Laura said, you can have a table set up right where your guests enter your venue, have their name on it and the table #, then each table will have a number on it, they will know where to sit then, some people even assign seats at the tables but I'm not, I only did table seating, once they are at their table, I feel they should be able to sit in whatever seat they want :)

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Thanks for the ideas! I guess I've never been to a wedding with table assignments (most of my friends are pretty casual). I just couldn't picture how it was supposed to go. Makes complete sense!

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You are so welcome Konichi! :)
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I, personally, don't like assigned seating. When I've been a guest, I didn't like/know the people I was "assigned" to sit with. It's kind of strange, that a venue would ask/require this? If your friends are a casual crowd, then skip the assigned seating, except do reserve a few tables for family, close to where the dance floor, and cake, and you are sitting.

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Well when I first booked the venue they went over a lot of information and they only "recommended" table assignments for the dinner (The place I'm having my wedding has three separate areas, the courtyard for the ceremony, the main house for the sit down dinner, and the cantina for the reception). She said I didn't have to. Now that I know more about how it works, I'll ask for more details on why they recommend it. If she can sell me on the idea then I'll look into it. But if I do end up with table assignments I'll work hard to keep groups of people that know each other together in the hopes that no one feels like they don't know or like the people that they are sitting with. And hopefully it will all work out!

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Just a board at the guest book table or where they first walk in to the recetion with their names in alphabetical order and their table #.

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My friends and most of my family are all pretty casual too. I haven't been planning to assign seating (as we are doing a potluck), but I may set a few tables aside for us and perhaps a few family members.

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Well if I do decide not to assign tables I'll definitely reserve a few tables closer to the head table for my family and my bridesmaids/groomsmens families.

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