Table size vs. how many seats at a table
I have heard two different things regaurding table size.

If I get 60" tables can I fit 8 or 10 people at each table?

I have a total of 176 guests and would love to have 60" rounds with 10 people at each table. Unfortunatley, the more I am hearing from different vendors they say to go with a 72" table for 10 people. Those tables are so big and will cut out so much space!?!?!

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

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We have 60" tables at our venue and they said that the 8 is standard, 9 at the most. So 10 would be squished and uncomfortable I think.

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"Minimum aisle dimension should be at least 36 inches in perimeter areas while 42 inches is preferred between rows. When chairs are placed back to back, make sure there is enough space along the service aisle even when chairs are pushed back. "

* 60-inch table seats eight people
* 72-inch table seats 10 people

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Ours are 72" with 10 people to a table. They really don't seem too big for our space though. It just depends on the amount of space you have at your venue. Have they suggested anything specific to you?

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Our table are 72 and we are doing 8 at a table.

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We're doing 60" with 8 chairs each. (But we're also choosing to have less tables than we have invited guests. We'll have enough seats, but since we're not having a formal dinner, there won't be as many people sitting around. Hopefully they'll get their butts up on the dance floor.)

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Our tables were 60" and our venue wouldnt let us do more than eight people per table because they said it would look squished

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we're doing 60in and 8ppl too
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some venues always squish 10 to a 60" so that they don't need more means less set up and means they don't have to build a new addition!
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oops..didn't finish....try to keep it at 8 for 60". also, the larger tables require larger tablecloths, so that's why some venues stick with the 60" ...or they criss cross two square cloths

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I wouldn't squish people--maybe 8-9 at a table ideally---unless you are talking about skinny people and families and friends who love closeness! Also, sometimes, people don't like staying at their tables for too long if they don't know everyone else that well--so they get up and walk around a lot! Better to add more 60 inch tables, I think. Make sure there is enough room in between tables for people to move about--I think that is key.
....But also, if you have more tables, then you will need more centerpieces.

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Our are 60'' and we are only having 7 per table. I feel that more would be awkward lol. I really like my space too, so I want others to feel like they can stretch out a little.

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Table Size Comfortable Seating Maximum Seating

8' Banquet Table 8 10
6' Banquet Table 6 8
30" Tall Cocktail Table n/a n/a
30" Round Table 4 4
48" Round Table 5 6
60" Round Table 7 8
72" Round Table 9 10

If you're trying to maximize the space of your venue, you may want to go to banquet tables instead of the rounds.

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I agree with camobride the banquet tables could be a lovely set up with a great way to save space. Here is a nice classic set up. Longer table cloths but less centerpieces. so budget will even out.

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We're also doing 8 for each 60" round table.

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what she ^_^ said....
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