Table Names vs. Numbers
What do you ladies think of having table names instead of numbers. I used to think it was cheesy, but once we got to numbering the tables we realized our parents would be at table 6 and that seemed odd.
Our wedding is at a harbor community and we have lanters with candels as centerpieces and we have tropical, somewhat nautical decorations. I was thinking of table names like: Harbor View, Reel Love, Feeling Nauti, Sail Mates, Seas the Day, Bay Breeze, Sea Mist, Swept Away. What do you think???? Also, I need two more table names, any ideas??????

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Sounds like an excellent idea hon! A lot of brides name their tables instead of numbers so go for it :) We have no exact theme for our wedding so we are doing the numbers and yes, FH's parents will be at table 8, lol, oh well, their table is right by ours :)

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Thata a nice idea, its different. I like it.

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Cute idea! We are doing table numbers, but at one time we were considering naming the tables after famous love songs. Or, we went to a wedding where they named the table after the places/things they were going to go on their honeymoon...i.e. "Blue Corral Cove" table or "Midnight Cruise" table.

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I love the idea. I am going to do the same by using table names. Go for it!

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We name our tables after precious stones. Some guest seem to think think that the bigger their number is the less important they are to you, so so that everyone felt special, we named the tables.

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I think the table names are a cute idea. Wave Runner, Castaways, White Sands, Deep Blue Seas. Can't think of any more...
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I think the table names will work better than table numbers. I also like the names that you have chosen...what about Sea of Love and I like Castaways too.

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I catered a reception that was held in a converted movie theater. The bride set out packs of movie candy with table assignments. The tables were named after movies, such as "Smith Party of 4 ... Gone With the Wind table"; "Jones Party of 6 .... 12 Angry Men table."
It was awesome!!

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We are doing table names instead of numbers. Rock & Roll style so we're having tables named after our favorite rock bands: No Doubt, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Coldplay, etc.

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Great Idea!!!!!. Tranquil Sea.

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We are doing each band name as a table. and using charger plates from that band. So Rolling Stones, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, etc...

Its going to be awesome, and so cohesive.
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how about "feeling knotty" instead.... that way you have the nautical(ropes) idea, and the tying the knot idea, and the whole naughty idea... it's a triple entendre.
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"castaways" can be the table in the corner... Aunt Mildred and her annoying husband can sit there.

You can always have "somewhere, beyond the sea"

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I am so glad you asked! I had the same feeling about "naming tables" and after all that was said here I am gonna name my tables too. I feel alot better with the idea.

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I Love tables names! I'm a planner as well (Yoj Events) and we did one where we picked different islands and used vintage postcards (available online) in lieu of cards. Naming them keeps it fun, and yes, I totally agree on the numbers feeling random!

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Thanks everyone for your opinions and suggestions! My wedding is in 10 days....yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i also like it because for some reason i feel like numbers are considered a ranking, so you might sit someone at table 8 and they might feel less important than someone at table 2... maybe its just me.

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Now you all make feel like I am ranking my guests! LOL Not true though, our venue only has long tables, that's it, so we are having 3 for our head table and going down each side of our head table will be the guests tables, like 8 long tables on each side of ours, it doesn't look right to put long rectangle tables by themselves so that is why we are numbering ours, lol. See what I mean? (I hope)

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We are also naming is a wonderful way to personalize your day. Though, not sure as to what yet.

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oh how awesome! i like the "naughti" lol....we're having some theme, that has shells and a beach idea, and i couldn't think of how to describe it...and you solved it lol, just "nautical" lol....i think it's neat! not just that, it does keep people from getting upset at their table numbers, like you were saying about your parents being at table 6.....
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