Table Cloth Length?
Hi All,

We have a small wedding budget ($6,000). And the question I'm wondering is...How many of you care if the reception tablecloths touch the floor?

The reason I ask is because the cheapest full length (120") on ebay is $258 for 20. (The venue rental place was more). However, disposable 82" are $90 for 12.

No one in my family would reuse the tablecloths after me (my only other sister is having a Vegas elopement, and no other family is close). My only other option would be to save them and perhaps sell them on Craigslist.

Have any of you seen tablecloths that aren't full length at a wedding? Did you have a preference?

We're casual/elegant/funky. At the Oakland Zoo, mostly disposable items and buffet style but still want to be a little nice.

Thank you all!


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Costco also has disposable tablecloths.

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Oops. Correction. $90 for 24.

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I asked my venue coordinator the same exact question, whether it would matter if my table linens touched the floor. And she told me no it doesn't matter, especially if I want to save money and especially since I have floor length chair covers their feet could get tangled if I had both. I don't think it matters really, i think its really what you can afford and what your comfortable with. The shorter lengths can still be nice & classy.

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I've been thinking the same thing myself. When I see photos of weddings, for some reason I always notice whether the table cloths touch the ground, when they don't I think it makes the photos look tacky. Just my personal preference. I think if you have the budget for it, then you should but if it really doesn't matter to you, then don't even worry about it. As much as I want to have them touch the floor, I am most likely going to save money and go with the ones the venue offers for free, which don't touch the ground. Either way, I'm sure it will be beautiful!

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Ours didn't quite touch the floor, we also had chair covers, our wedding was more formal, so the tablecloths looked awesome, but since yours is more casual and fun, I say go for the short ones and save some cash!

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I'm using, I believe 50-60" round tables and we're going to use 90" square table cloths. I like the look of it NOT touching the floor, but that's just me - I'd also check out craigslist, I've been very lucky to find lots of brides getting rid of their used linens and they've been in good shape for a good deal!

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We are having something very short (tablecloths). At this point I don't really care if they touch or not.

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I think the only table that should have a full length tablecloth is the head table. Though that could just be me. I'm very picky about not wanting the feet of my wedding party visible in the frontle shots of the head table. Other than that I think regular length tableclothes are fine.
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If you buy the linens on bay, you can always resell them after you are done with them. You may make back a god amount of the initial cost.

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I went to a wedding last night and they didn't have floor length linens. I think the table settings were great, dim lighting and beautiful decor, so i didn't even notice that the tablecloths weren't long. It looked great, in my opinion

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I actually had one venue coordinator suggest not to get the floor length ones. It can be a tripping hazzard when someone gets up from the table. I would have it within 6 inches of the floor. But thats me. I am having a daytime wedding and it would show alot in photos.

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will i order the 120in table clothes for my reception and the chair covers and sashes. I must say that when i tried them on the table with the chair cover and sashes it gave it a elegant look. I wish I could of gotten shorter ones now. But hey there is nothing wrong with disposable. Check Bj too.

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You can resell your table covers at You can also buy things for alot cheaper. :))

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You can resell your table covers at You can also buy things for alot cheaper. :))
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