Sweetheart Table
Does anyone have ANY cute UNIQUE sweetheart table decoration ideas? Pictures would be fantastic!!! Any help, advise &/or pictures would help!!! Thanks!

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We are doing something like this because our centerpieces are tea cups. What are some details for your wedding? I have a million wedding decoration pictures saved!

Welcome by the way! Have you set a date yet?

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I did the same centerpiece as my other tables, but we have a pug, so I found kissing pug salt and pepper shakers, and put those on the front of the table instead of a table number.... do you have a particular theme or something special or unique to the two of you? I think the personal touches make the decor...

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Mags I love the idea of tea cups! Your pic is great inspiration. We have thought about a sweetheart table but not 100% sure yet; i will show FH your pic.

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For our table we made small chalkboards with 'hubby' and 'wifey' on them that will hang on the front of our table, two candles and a giant patron bottle will hold my bouquet on the front. Something like the below picture

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We're going to put my bouquet as the centerpiece in a vase. Also a little hanging crystal "B" monogram.

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I'm pretty crafty with clay so I am making a figure of Yoda holding a sign saying "Married We Are". My FH has been so great and has been letting me have everything I want for this wedding and I want a part of him in it too and I want him to know that I care about what he likes too! So thats how Yoda ended up in the wedding lol!

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I think I am going to put a picture of my cat on our table. lol.

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@mags that is a super cute idea. Never thought about decorating sweetheart table. We are having ours in a barn. What suggestions do you ladies have?

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~Mags~ I LOVE your tea cup idea! I guess it would've helped if i would've given you a few more details haha! Sorry about that! Our colors are hot pink, black and white! Honestly don't really have any particular theme. I'm just one of the people who don't like to have the same ole' thing as everyone else! I like to be different or unique.

~FireWife~ I love your chalk board ideas as well!

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I have a MILLION saved. Check out Pinterest and WeddingGawker...what I find cute, you may find ugly ;)

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Perfect! Thank you *Courtney* :)
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