Sweetheart Table Ideas
I pride myself on the fact that I can be pretty creative when I need to be, but I have no idea what to do for a sweetheart table. My colors are orange and khaki. What does one put on a sweetheart table? Any suggestions or pics would be helpful.

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I think it depends on your personal preference and style, as well as the overall feel and theme of the wedding. It can be simple and sweet, or very elaborate. I have shown some ideas below. My friend last year just had the place settings, and a pretty vase she put her bouquet in, along with some petals scattered on the table. I wish I had a picture :(

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I like both of those.. the first one more!!

Amanda P
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Here are some pictures

Amanda P
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And some more

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Great ideas!

Hayley C™
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I also think the initials are a fun idea.

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I love the Initials.. on our table we are planning on having our Memorial Candle on one side and our Unity candle on the other and then my flowers will be in the middle Other then that I dont think we were planning on anything special.

Rachel W.
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I'm not sure what we're going to have on there. We'll have a low centerpiece (ours will be tall), but other than that, I'm really not sure. Just lots of candles, flowers, and maybe a terrarium. (we have a tree theme wedding).

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It depends on the color palette & theme but I most always will add toasting flutes, either a framed sign w/ Mr & Mrs ----- or Mr/Mrs signs for the chairs. With vintage I like to layer linens, use different chairs, & tie in BM bouquets for this or the bridal party tables that surround the sweetheart table.The B/G generally don't spend much time at the sweetheart table, it's mostly a photo op setting.

The pics below just came in today for an October sweetheart table that had a blue & white palette with a vintage theme.

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Jen [Day-of Wedding Coordinator]
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Love this ampersand that some of my brides have done.

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