Sunday Weddings Pros/Cons ?
What are the pro/cons on Sunday weddings ?

FH and I was just sitting here going over the budget. We just noticed we are going over alot becausee of the venue. But I just noticed if we change the wedding to a Sunday it's $1500 cheaper than a Saturday .

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The only con I can currently think of is you won't be able to party at the recepetion as long, if you are having a later wedding.
And some people may not be able to make due to work monday, if they live far and would need a hotel room or something.

But the $1500 you'd be saving sounds great! You should definitely consider it.

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the only con is that some people may cut out a little early because they have work in the morning.

FH and I are having sunday wedding....mainly because we saved thousands of dollars doing so

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I personally hate going to any type of event on a Sunday. Usually people are relaxing and preparing for work the next day. But I guess if its advance notice, people can take that Monday off. If people are traveling that might be an inconvience for them.

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Yea that was one of FH concerns, but I told him we can end it around 10PM. Most people I know are up to atleast 10 on Sunday anyway, if they aren't in the club.

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oh, in my case a sunday wedding wont be that big of a deal to my guest because they all have to fly will have to take time off of work.

My wedding is in Las Vegas and our families are from Detroit, Baltimore, DC & Philly. We do have friends who are local that will be attending, but hanging out on a sunday night to help us celebrate wont kill

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mine will end at 10:30. Im sure my guest will leave the reception and head to a club on the

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We picked a Sunday and recently considered moving it to a Saturday so I could have it later in the evening that was until I found out moving to a Saturady would add 3500 to the venue before taxes......Needless to say my wedding date will not be changing. Something my mother pointed out was most of my guest are from out of town so they'll be taking Monday off anyway.

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Well the only OOT guest will be a few of FH family members. But alot of them stated they was driving, so I don't think it would make a difference in terms of taken days off.

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Im also getting married on a Sunday. My wedding is at 5pm. Like everyone says its just getting ready for work in the A.M. I honestly feel like its one very important day so if you feel you can't make it because leaving at 10/11pm is too much, more money in my pocket :). To me its not that serious but it is a BIG point. An officiant was another thing depending who you use. Im not using my pastor because we have night service and its going to be cutting it close. I found someone else who I am very comfortable with but that can be another con.

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Oh man I didn't even think about the officant. Also I have to make sure it's not on the 1st sunday .

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Yes that too!

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We are planning to have a Sunday wedding. Its a holiday weekend, so people dont have to worry about getting up early next day. PLUS its cheaper!!

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@Lonyah: I didn't even think of that. I can always depend on my WW Family to think outside of the box. I'm going to ask FH about moving it to 9/2 since 9/3 is Labor Day.
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Well, depending on the time you choose, some people may not choose to attend if it interferes with church services. Also, the other things already mentioned might put less people on the guest list. However, if someone is going to attend your wedding, they will do so whether it is a Sunday or any other day of the week. :)

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I was thinking about 4 or 5 , nobody goes to church that late unless it's an afernoon program. FH just agreed to move it Sept 2 which is Labor Day weekend .

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If you can save 1500.00 I would go for it. If most of your guest are local, then you should go for it. What about having the wedding on a Friday. I was thinking about having our wedding on 11/11/2011, but we have a lot of out of town guest. You should weigh your options and make a pro and con list.

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FH said absolutely NO to Friday ! Mainly because people work on that day and the traffic is really bad in the evenings. And on top of that I would only be saving $800 for a Friday event.

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I asked the WW family this exact question about 2 weeks ago. We ended up deciding on a Sunday afternoon ceremony/reception. We're having a relatively small wedding (65 people or so) so we wouldn't have met the Saturday minimums. Plus we wanted a more laid back feel. Check with your venue on the 9/2 availability b/c that date was booked at all the places we were looking at. Just think you can put all those savings into something else!

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It all depends on your family and friends. For me, only sunday will work because we're SDA and fridays and saturdays are automatically out because of sabbath, then most SDAs work from monday-friday, and I don't like weekday weddings.

So for me, there are no cons for sundays no matter what time you start. 99% of my guests are used to attending weddings on sundays, they have no issues with it.

I guess the only con I could think of is people leaving early because of work, etc... but if you're ending it at 10PM, that should be plenty of time for them to get home without being too tired for work the next day.

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Our date is on Memorial Day Sunday, and we chose that date because we wanted to save money on the venue, but still wanted everyone to be able to come. So we chose that date, and we're sending STDs to let everyone know. (in a few days, actually !!!)

Our venue got wise, though, and now they charge just as much for a holiday weekend Sunday night. So check with your venue and make sure.

I would say, if your guests are local, and they should have no problem having a little bit of a late night on a Sunday. And I'm sure they will have the ability to take a day or half day if they foresee being out too late...
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