Suggestions on song to dance with brother at wedding
My father is deceased so my brother is going to walk me down the aisle. I am looking for songs to dance with my brother to. I keep hearing In My Life by the Beatles but I didn't know if anyone had a different suggestion.


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Is he older or younger?

Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Middler, I love the lyrics to this.

Hero - Mariah Carey

You're Beautiful -James Blunt

Isn't She Lovely -Stevie Wonder

What a wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

How Sweet It Is -J ames Taylor

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He is 2 years older than me.
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If you do not like to be on the dance floor in front of people very long, then I would suggest either 2 songs. In my life by the Beatles or as the poster above mentioned What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong. These songs are just about 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Most other songs are over 3 minutes.

However, you could always ask your DJ to cut any song down for you after an allotted time.
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I don't recommend Beatles' "In My Life" for this context. I love that song but I think it's more suitable for a husband-wife song than for a dance with a family member. The gist of the song is that although the singer has fond memories of the people who've been important to him in the past, "there is no one" compared to his NEW love (which is his lover, not his family member). I realize that some people disagree with how I hear that song, but that is my view.

I do recommend Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." You simply cannot go wrong with that song!

Another nice one that fits in with a dance with a family member is Ben E. King's "Stand By Me."

A few other possibilities: Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," Rod Stewart's "Forever Young", Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance."

Or how about Natalie Merchant's "Kind and Generous"? That's a nice one, and rarely used.

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Here are a few more suggestions for you:

Little Wonders - Rob Thomas
My Wish - Rascal Flatts
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Life Is Wonderful - Jason Mraz
Stand by Me - Ben E. King & The Drifters (Seal recently did a remake of this song too)
The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra
I'll Be There - Jackson 5

May your wedding day be filled with happy memories!

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my wish -rascal flatts is a beautiful song. i like that for a big brother and his sister on her special day.

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stand by me! i dunno who its by but i love that as a family dance song :]

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Isn't she lovely by Stevie Wonder is good too.

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I love this song by The Nixons - I think it's just called "Sister" Some of the lyrics go (at least I think!) "Sister, I see you, dancing on the stage of we are again, saying goodbye, still we fall asleep underneath the same sky, you're all I knew you'd become........" I am going to dance to this song with my brother - it's fitting for us b/c he lives far away and it's just a great song!

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Great suggestions!

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Thank you so much everyone. These are really great suggestions!
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