Suggestions for photo sharing sites?
I want to set up a site where our guests can upload the photos they take on the wedding day. I've heard of Shutterfly but don't just want to go with that if there is something better. I want to make sure it will be an easy process for guests to follow, and preferably they wouldn't have to sign up to the site to be able to upload photos. And I want to be able to save the high-resolution photos off the site onto my hard drive, too. Does anyone have any suggestions for good sites? Thanks!

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There are tons!

Google is your best friend. :O)
Good luck!

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We put honeymoon pictures on kodak gallary and had good success!

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I really like shutterfly, but have heard good things about snapfish as well... I have a photobucket as well, but they used to limit your space...

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I just checked out shutterfly because so many people were talking about it...(I usually use snapfish). Shutterfly allows you to set up more of a site where different people's pictures can be combined together. It's what I'm going to go with!
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I use flickr for my personal photography stuff, and zenfolio for client based image ordering. The thing that I like about both of these services, is that you actually do have the ability to get to the original full size image. My wife is a big user of shutterfly and I hate that I can't pull down the full sized original file. I actually use flickr as a backup for my personal files in the event of a hard drive failure, I have them located elsewhere!

Both zenfolio and flickr run about $25/yr for the paid accounts which remove the space limitation.

FWIW, if you use zenfolio, you'll have access to their MPIX lab, which is FAR better than the prints you're going to get from shutterfly, snapfish, etc. A professional printing lab generates prints using inks and papers that have a life span of 100-200 years (depending on how you take care of print), whereby the cheap labs have a life of 10-15 years. And it is visible in the quality of output as well, color corrected printing, etc.

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I have used snapfish, photobucket, Kodak, and shutterfly. I prefer shutterfly for a couple of reasons. They are very easy to use. They give you promotions and specials like 50 free prints every couple of months. And their share website is really easy to use and looks like an actual website instead of just a place to just store photos. Shutterfly also makes it easy to get prints. I would just look into a few of them and see which one you prefer. I also agree with lauren10 that the best part is that other people can add pictures to your website. so If you want people that went to your wedding to share their pictures they can simply upload them on to your share site if you allow them to.

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Snapfish is good if your pictures are already edited but picasa would be better if you need to fix them up. you download picasa for your desktop and can upload albums to the web.

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If you're worried about the site making people sign up you could just set up an email account and password that you give to people. Then they can sign in with that.

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Oh I forgot to put this into my post, Zenfolio also has a referral program, where if you sign up, you get $5 off and I get a referral credit as well. So if you click here you should get the $5 off.

They have a bunch of plugins that integrate into most major photo editing programs so you can send photos right from them.

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Thanks everyone, I'll check them out and see what will work best for my family, some of whom may be technologically challenged. ;-) Thanks for the tip on the pro stuff, Matt, and for the referral!

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I went to a wedding where they handed out cards that listed the URL for the photo sharing website and then provided a login/password. So basically you just create an account which whatever photo share website you most prefer and then give all of your guests that password and they upload the pictures to the same site. That way they don't have to create their own account because they are using yours. In this case the site was Flickr, but any of them would work, I think.
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