Submerging Silk Flowers in Water?
I'm interested in submerging flowers in water in different size vases, but I'm not sure if silk flowers can be submerged. I was also thinking about submerging silk rose petals. I need to know if they will change the color of the water. Please Help!

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Naimah, I am pretty sure that you cannot submerge silk flowers they will float, maybe if you find a way to anchor them. Silk rose petals will also float but i dont believe that they will change the color of the water
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It depends on what kind of flowers you use. I have a client right now who found some silk/fake orchids and is planning to submerge them. I've seen a photo and it looks really nice. But she bought them well ahead of time and has tried it out. I suggest you do the same thing: Find the flowers you like and buy a few so you can try different things with them. If the first ones don't work the way you like, try a different kind. Just get a few so you have enough funds left over for the real thing.

Unless they are very cheaply made flowers or petals, they shouldn't change the color of the water. But floating is definitely something you'll have to think about. Give it a try, and I hope you'll post again with your results.
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Here's another option. You can go to a craft shop like Michaels and buy - I think it's called Wonder Water - that you mix up and it hardens to look like water. There are several varieties. Some beome permanent and others are more like clear gel.
Good luck!
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Congratulations, "I Do" Creations would like to share creative ideas for silk floral and decor for your special event. See the

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Hey Naimah,
For my centerpieces I am looking into doing submerged flowers. I at first was looking into real flowers specifically orchids but I found they were so expensive and I would need alot of stalks. For this reason I have switched gears and are now looking into silk flowers. I have been to Michaels many times. I found alot of their flowers are very thin which look very fake especially in water. Also alot of their flowers have weird steam which is fine for crafts since they will be cut off but in our case the stems will be showing in the water therefor they will not work for us! I went through the whole silk flower department and found many choices that might work and are in the process of testing them and seeing how they look submerged! I would say go to Michaels because it is fun to see what is out there and it has so much variety. Buy a few different choices and then go home and test them out!
Good luck! You can e-mail me if you like at!
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I submerged silk orchids at my wedding for the ceremony and reception and they held up remarkably and looked amazing. Everyone thought they were fresh orchids! They were higher end orchids so they were more rubbery than silk. They did great though and did not color the water nor did it even harm the flowers, they still look brand new. If you are interested I would sell them because I still have them just sitting in a box. Just be sure to try anything out ahead of time!

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If there is a Dollar Tree store in your area, they generally sell flowers as well. They might not look as nice as the ones at Michael's, but would certainly work just fine to buy a couple different types of flowers to test with ahead of time. Once you have an idea how it all looks, you can splurge a bit on the higher quality flowers for the big day.

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yes u can submerge silk flowers we are doing orchids in different size vases and they look very nice and stay in place and no one can tell they are faux. ITs more cost effective also!! Gl

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ALWAYS test the silks before purchasing a bunch of them, they may bleed the color making water look muddy or fall apart.

I will let you steal a very popular look that I do for my upscale clients.
I do these in fresh and silks.

forget the water and use a very realistic orchid spray . cut the stem short so it doesnt look thin and fake wrap the vase with a wide ribbon at least 4 inches wide about an inch from bottom and light from within with the new battery LED lights. they look like gorgeous Japanese lanterns and the guests will have to look close to see they arent real.

The submerged is only good for real flowers most times or if you want to float candles, and is really a hassle to fill and place on the day of the wedding, DONT even try to transport a Filled vase! The weight and mess is insane!

go to my website for pictures and ideas,

have fun!!

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Hi Naimah,

I like the natural touch orchids that carries. Their orchids are made out of a thin latex rubber. They feel and look just like the real orchids and can be submerged under water. You can also use fake water called "arcylic water" they sell these at any craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby to get the same effect.

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Hey Naimah, silk flowers can be submerged/ rose in a vase with water. Try looking on for some of their "real-like" flowers, or Michaels. Michaels definetly has alot of flowers and they will hold down in the water if you anchor it with some type of rock crystals.

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moment in time- How much do you want for your orchids?
What color are they?

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