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I've decide to save money by making my wedding non traditional. But I can't find reasonable venue. I wish I could rent someone back yard, or had a friend to video tape the ceremony, or just hit the lottery but still no look. Can u ladies throw ideas my way for a 3000 wedding in Philadelphia

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reduce the guest list, have the ceremony somewhere off-beat (park, etc), and have a luncheon or cocktail party only reception. You can definitely swing that with a guest list of 30-40.

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Try local fire halls. August is hot, you may not want to do outside, it's also hurricane season, so if you go the park route, you will need a tent.

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Could you have a Sunday brunch reception? Brunch on any day of the week will be cheaper than a seated dinner, and choosing any day other than Saturday should cut costs too.

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Is $3000 your budget for the hall and food or the entire wedding?

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How many guests do you have?

You could try a clubhouse. Ask your friends and family if there complex has a clubhouse that you can rent out. They're usually fairly inexpensive.

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Yes it's still my budget. And that's a good idea. Thanks

Crystal A.
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How many guest are you having and do you want to be able to bring your own food or outside catering or have everything done at the same place

Crystal A.
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Philadelphia s magic gardens is $1,500 holds 75 people has to end by 10 and if you can have someone make the the food or serve finger foods that should be in your price range

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Is there a restaurant you could rent out? A volunteer fire dept social hall (that's what we're using). Keep the most important thing in mind, that you'll be getting married to your love.

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Great ideas thanks

Crystal A.
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Philidelphia center of architecture has a main hall for $1400 on weekend n only $1000 on the weekday and allow drop off catering (which can be really cheap)

Crystal A.
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Don't know if you have a photographer but if not you could but disposable cameras on the tables and have guests take pictures for you and hand them back to you when done ......super bored so thought I would look up some ideas for you lol :) ....o and someone picked up a video camera from rent-a-center and had a friend record the wedding so it's something that can be done

Crystal A.
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One last comment not sure if you have a cake but if you go to your local grocery store to get it (yes an actually multi tier cake) you will only pay anywhere from $40-$180

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Thanks Andrea for the awesome ideas.

Crystal A.
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Hope they help :)

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We have around that same budget; we are willing to go to 4,500. We have gotten our guest list down to 60. We decided to have a church ceremony followed by dinner only.

We will be having it at an upscale resturant banquet room that also has a bar/party atmosphere downstairs. Dinner will be around 28 per person. We know that our families dont drink a lot so we are offering wine and beer with dinner and it will be a consumption tab instead of open bar. After dinner we will be going downstiars to the bar and dancing with whoever wants to come downstairs.

Try looking into local resturants and seeing if they have private dining rooms for larger amounts of people. That is where I started. I had a few options to choose from within my budget, but we chose the resturant because of the option to dance afterwards at the bar, since we couldn't afford a DJ.

Good luck. message me for exact details if you want cuz I am close to phila.

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Oh wow Emily that's sound like q great idea. Thanks for the ideas
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