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I have a little bit of a dilemma, My stepfather and I havent always gotten along up until recent years, but he has been around since I was 9, I'm letting him walk me down the isle, but i have no idea what song to dance to with him. My real dad passed when I was 7 and I will have a separate song to tribute to him later in the reception. I dont think the "daddy's lil girl" songs are appropriate because thats not the reationship that I have with him. HELP!!!

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You could dance with him to something fun and more upbeat. Less a "daddy's lil girl" dance and more an opportunity to be lighthearted or even silly. Or you could just leave that dance out. I don't think etiquette demands anything in particular, so doing what feels right makes sense.

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I was going to say don't feel like you have to have a father daughter dance, even though it seems like a tradition, you don't always have to follow it. Im sure people aren't going to freak out cause there wasn't one.

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i have a stepdad as well, my sister danced with him to Rascal Flatts "My Wish" at her wedding and I am dancing with him to Faith Hill's "There you'll be" at mine

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what about something upbeat? Like "Isn't she lovely", by Stevie Wonder?

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I'm also dancing with my stepfather at my wedding, and I'm considering dancing to something upbeat with him, maybe there is a song that is special to him that he would want, I'm dancing to Volare (it's an old Italian song) because he used to sing it at 3am when we were getting ready to go on roadtrips. Just talk to him about it and maybe you will find a common song that you both can enjoy.

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I am dancing with my step father as well at my wedding and we are dancing to Brad Pasily " He didn't have to be"

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I agree with amanda n! ask him if there is something he would want to dance to. He might have a song that reminds him of you that you never even knew about. Ask him for help. Its not like the situation is a secret to both of you. Sit down with him and ask for help! He will also feel really included! :)
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