step father / daughter dance songs
I'm stuck on what song would be appropriate for me and my step father to dance to ,my father has passed away so I will be dancing with my step father.... he has been in my life since I was 17 years old so he didnt see me grow up from a liitle girl and alot of songs sing about that?? any suggestions??

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First question is: how do you feel about him? what role does he, or has he played in your life? That will help us find the right song.


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well he has always been there and supported me,,,, he's very close to my children they call him grandpa! I have nothimg but love and respect for him.

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I googled Step father/daughter dance.

"We've only just begun" by the Carpenters
"He didn't have to be" by Brad Paisley
"Stepfather of the Bride" by Mike McLaughlin
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
One Friend - Dan Seals
You Don't Have To Let Go - Jessica Simpson
You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
Smile - Nat King Cole
Moon River - Louis Armstrong
"When I needed you most" by Kimay Seward
"Then they do" by Trace Adkins

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I had a similar situation. My stepdad was so excited about the dance, he already had his song picked out. Maybe he has a song in mind too! My stepdad wanted "Ready, Set, Dont Go" By Miley Cyrus

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you know I havent aksded him if had one in mind good idea!! afterall it has to do with the two of us!! lol

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typos... lol
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It sounds like he's on-board and he seems like you're OK with him. So why not just ignore the "step" and just treat it normally?

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My step dad has been in my life since I was 12 or 13, so he didn't see me grow up. But we danced to "I Learned From You" by Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus.

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My step dad has been in my life since I was 4 years old I want to dance with him for a father daughter song but I am also dancing with my biological dad they both mean a lot to me. I have already picked out the one for me and my dad to dance to which is going to be I loved her first. But now I can't find one for me and my step dad any suggestions?

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Ok so i have a step dad that i get along with but im not that close to and i need help with a song please help me... I alwys wanted butterfly kisses at my wedding but i dont think that will work in this case. Any advise will be greatful and thank you in advance

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I need help! I have 3! All contributors and all dancing. One of the 3 is my real father, but my step dad raised me. Song advice?

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I'm also looking for a song for my step dad, currently, I'm leaning towards Lean on Me.
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