Step-father daughter dance song help
I am dancing to I loved her first from heartland with my biological father. but now not sure what to dance with my step father with. I am trying to avoid any songs that outright say dad.

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Its tough

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I am using "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts and doing that for Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance combined.

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Diedre~ That is what my sister /Dad danced to. Super sweet song
Meagan~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song. It makes me cry w/out fail.
How about Wonderful World?

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I like it!

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hmmm! I like both of them

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As a stepmom I LOVE that you're recognizing your stepdad. I can only hope that one day my stepsons will recognize all I do for them. Although their amazingly good behavior at our house (since the elder one tell me they fight all the time at their mom's) lets me know that their dad and I are doing SOMETHING right! LOL.

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I'm with's really really sweet to be honoring your stepdad with a dance! (I'm about to be one in 3 weeks..well stepMOM haha)
I think My wish is a GREAT song to have with your stepdad

jersey bride
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what about the man he didnt have to be by brad paisley

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Oh jersey bride that would be PERFECT! However it is told from a boys point of view. But I do love that song.

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All great suggestions! I feel like my step dad has really been there for me. My step dad will be the one who is marrying us since he is a notary so it would be nice to recognize all he has done for me.

The Awesome Thief
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I used I learned from you by Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. I picked it because my step dad has taught me a lot since he started dating my mom 7 years ago.

Cesar Cabrera Photography

Cesar Cabrera Photography
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Have you heard "Stepfather of the Bride" by Mike McLaughlin?

I'm a stepfather myself; and I can't help myself and that song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it...

If you want to avoid the tears, I love "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith...

Hope this helps, and I must say that I'm extremely happy to see that you are doing that with your stepdad... Trust me, it means a lot to him.. more than you could ever imagine...

César Cabrera
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One that works for Dads & Stepdads ~ You've Got A Friend~James Taylor
Used this for both and when had a dad that passed mom danced with bride===not a dry eye in the house = Beautiful (Is All That You Can Be)~Kenny Rogers
Hope that helps,

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Great suggestions! I don't think you can go wrong with any The fact that you're recognizing him will mean so much.

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Stepfather of the Bride by Mike McLaughlin.. it is the perfect song for a stepfather and daughter to dance to. We will be dancing to it at our wedding. I will post the link so you can hear it. The best thing is that if you dont like one or two of the lines he will personalize it for you. Best of luck
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