Spring vs Winter Wedding
We just started trying to decide on a season then date! We don't have a special day in mind. Just not Summer. Weather is a big concern, since we'd like to have the ceremony outside. Colours: Light Pink, White, Silver, and 1 more colourful accent.
Looking into DC, VA, or NYC for locations.

How did you decide on a date?
Pros & Cons to both?


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I have been in DC during the spring and winter. Loved them both. However, if you want to have it outdoors, you may want to have it in the spring. Winter in DC is very cold.

We decided on December 27 because we both love Christmas. We live in California, so winters here don't get too cold.

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We wanted to originally get married in April, because thats the same month we started dating in. When we found out my brother was getting deployed in the end of August, we thought the middle of July. Then we found out some of our groomsmen couldn't make July because of them being in the military as well. So we settled on the beginning of August, so I know that my brother would be able to make it.

Is your wedding going to be indoors or outdoors?

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Winter is going to be pretty cold outdoors in at least DC and NYC, even VA gets pretty chilly to be an outside wedding... and the spring I would be concerned about rain...
maybe late spring when everything is blooming? It would look really pretty with your colors. So late May early June-ish.

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If it's going to be an outdoor wedding spring would probably be better due to weather. They both can be beautiful weddings though. We would have done a winter December wedding if our families didn't get crazy over holidays :) Spring has such fun colors and themes and pretty blooms.

Ours is May 22, the number is the date in December we started dating and May is our favorite month in spring.

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Ashley, that's my birthday!

Alice, if you've got your heart set on an outdoor wedding, I would do late spring (May/June) like Roma suggested. However, if you're open to indoor weddings, winter months will generally be less expensive to get married. A lot of vendors aren't as busy and it might be easier to find the perfect venue in the winter time when there aren't quite as many weddings.

We picked our date by knowing we wanted to get married in the fall, but not too close to the holidays. This meant September or October. Then we found a venue that we liked and October 4 was one of the days that they had available. So, now it's our wedding date. :)

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I love winter weather pictures, but unless you live in the South or hold your wedding in a tropical location, outdoor is out in the winter. In some locations spring is too unpredictable as well. For example, in PA I wouldn't consider having an outdoor wedding until late May.

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we both live in NJ and believe it or not; the weather wasn't a factor, call me crazy We chose Valentines Day because my FH's last name is Valentine. Now, since I'm stressing with wedding plans; the weather has become a concern, lol who knew
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Winter on the east coast is cold. I'd def go with spring

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We chose spring because we wanted outdoor pictures. Granted winter pictures are beautiful, but weather can be a menace when it comes to travel.

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We're not totally set on outdoor. I guess there's just pros and cons for both.

A lot of my family has children so extra money during the holiday season for travel might not be the best. The plus would be the price point for the rest of the wedding.

As for Spring I'm so worried about the rain & mud, but I could do the ceremony inside and still have my flowers.

My mom just reminded me a lot of my family is either in school, works for a school, or has children that go to school. Will have to take those dates into consideration now, esp. for my immediate family.

Decisions Decisions.
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I did my wedding March 6th. Early enough that the ground wasn't mushy. Late enough that the trees were budding or had small leaves. We did our ceremony outside. It wasn't freezing cold that year so coats were enough.

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My Wedding date is August 18th and we just picked a random date... Now however we are concerned with it be too hot.. It's not an outside wedding but we are mainly concerned about outside pictures and etc.. My FH is a sweater... lol (if thats a word) ;)

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It was spring or fall for my daughter. It came down to spring is time for school to be out. Vacations etc. Not too hot out.

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Monica T. are you having both the wedding & reception at the Westwood Manor? I think there garden area is shaded, hopefully.

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Monica, if we could only control the weather! Light umbrellas or hand fans may be a nice touch depending on the theme of your wedding.

MJ, I'm thinking Spring Break? Though I know spring break week varies since we have college students and students/teachers in different states/time zones.

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I think each season can be unique and beautiful. I'm personally more of a warm weather girl (I'm always freezing!) but I do appreciate winter and how gorgeous and romantic it can be!

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The nicest wedding season.s in DC are going to be spring and fall. Fall you may get better rates with all your vendors because spring is slightly more popular.

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Don't forget it rains a lot in April and may.

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Last year it got hot fast here in Northern Indiana....but I know that the winters here can be awful and harsh. I picked may because I wasn't going to wait over a year, my whole family is from the east coast so winter is a bad idea and summer would be most likely deathly hot.....

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It's all winter for me. I am hoping for snow.
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