Spring Time In Paris :)
Hello ladies! so the wedding theme is spring time in paris and have a small wedding at the most 9 or ten tables 8ppl at each table i love my theme and i want to do a spring like theme for each table! do you think that would be to much? i feel inlove with so many ppls diy ideas i couldnt help my self i love the upside wine glasses i like the floating candles i like the fish bowls with floating candles and flowers in it... idk what to do all you wedding wire brides have so many good ideas that i am getting confused. any suggestions????? please help thanks so much i uploaded some of the ones i liked alot

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sorry photos didnt want to post

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Hey Lolita

Have you checked out the budget tool yet here on WW?

How much does it suggest for decorations/centerpieces?

$200? $400? 700?

It is helpful to know how much money you have to spend on centerpieces before you fall in love with something.

I don't know why, but I only see "?" boxes and no pictures. Did you save them as .jpg? (Maybe it is my computer?)

I do see one... the tall cylinder with the orchids inside - Table 26.
For a tall 18" vase like that, it can cost around $70 (buy in store) - $117 (buy online w/shipping) just in vases.


Hayley C™
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other ideas for your theme...

vistaprint invite w/ image added

image here to download


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sorry its my computer i am trying to do something affordable i want to keep it no more then 10 for each table if at all possible
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i like the upside-down flower glasses u posted. just a side note - david tutera just did a 'springtime in paris' episode - you should watch it!

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If you want inexpensive DIY decorations, you can consider:
Paper pomanders
Paper lanterns
Wheatgrass (very spring-y)
Paper pearls

Examples: http://www.budgetbridesguide.com/7-cheap-and-easy-diy-wedding-decoration-ideas
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