Sponsored wedding?!??!?
Anyone hear of this and doing it?

Jon and I are having a budweiser themed wedding and would love to he a generous donation from them lol...
Our cake and bouquets however are being sponcored through a local florist.

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never heard of this, how does it work? do you pay a discount price or something?
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Basically, you ask vendors to donate their services in exchange for publicity on your programs, etc.

No reputable pro that I know will do this. We don't need publicity; we need to be paid. I frankly find it insulting; this is what I do for a living. Why would I give my services for free? Do you want to do your job for free? No.

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Anheuser Belgian would never sponsor. Do you live in St. Louis?

I made a joke about having my work vendors sponsor my wedding -- as I was asking for sponsorships for a Scholarship Trivia I was hosting. But I would never think to ask for free services. I wouldn't want to worry about advertising their services.

Of course, I don't like to buy clothing that is free advertising (ie, an Old Navy t-shirt that says Old Navy).

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FH and I met on eharmony. One of my friends was like "Email them!" when we got engaged. "They should pay for your wedding!" lol, why? It's not like we're starring on a commercial anytime soon. :)

I got all caught up and emailed them, and they offered to send us eharmony t-shirts. Um, no thanks.

I would not want a sponsored wedding. At the end of the day I want our guests to walk away thinking of us - not Anheuser Busch.

If you trade services for reviews or publicity it's probably going to be with an up and coming vendor, or for someone you can offer a trade item or service. (Like if you're a photographer or MUA.) I'd say that's great but it's a toss up. They might want to do an extra amazing job for the publicity. Or they might say "eff it" and wait until next time b/c you're not paying them anything and it's just not working for them. Could be great - just kind of a risk.

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People trade if you have valuable services to offer in return. I've been able to negotiate this with some of my vendors. But no, a huge company like Budweiser is not going to do it. That kind of company is only going to do it for the Kim Kardashians of the world with major star power and publicity to offer.

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Unless you are going to have like 1,000 people at your wedding and actually got the attention of the media, they'll at most send you a letter of congratulations and some stuff like beer coozies, t-shirts, and coasters. Or they'll just not even acknowledge you asked. Beer people are stingy. Took a year for the bar I work at to get a new neon sign from Budweiser. A year of constantly asking the poor delivery guy, and we are a bar that they do business with on a regular basis.

That aside, I didn't know you got engaged again. I'll say congrats, and keep some other comments to myself. I hope things work out this time.

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I'm deffinatly not naive and do realize Budweiser won't sponsor my wedding. Just a hopeless dream haha.

BUT I was doing some research and a girl did dr. Pepper and got beverages, and a 10,000 check. That would be SO NICE!!
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I think approaching a corporation is a bit different than approaching an individual vendor.

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I agree.

I was just thinking about it, and how nice it would be. I don't know even how to go about ASKING for a sponsorship?!

The cake was easy. I told them I was doing my own cupcakes, would they be interested in giving me a mocked styrofoam cake in exchange for their name in my programs.

And te bouquets were roughy the same idea, but I asked info could get a brooch bouquet and she doesn't offer those so I'm getting all of them for free and putting her name in the program as well.

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What Celia said. And, what Pam said. 100% agree.

I was asked to do an event like you've mentioned... but that was 20 years ago, when I started this business. I was promised the world. They said a "whole lot of important" people would be there, and I'd get all sorts of business from it. Guess what??? NADA... not one phone call... nothing and no advertising.

Every now and then, this comes up again. The promise to advertise my business, with LOTS influential people. Ain't going to happen. The only one who would consider this are the fledgling vendors who haven't learned their lesson yet. And their performance will show how new they are to the business. Fool me once...

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That's terrible people played you like that. Well I may invite the president but he's not coming... BUT I am putting names in the programs, like I mentioned before. I just got done talking wit someone about my invitations and if I buy 100, I get 200 or free and I'm allowing them to put a small watermark on the back side of the invites. A "made by so and so" type thing.
I'm not looking to get a free wedding, but what's it hurt to ask? If someone says no... I move on. It doesn't hurt my feelings. But already I'm saving $600 from my cake bouquet and now invites.

Like I said, it doesn't hurt to ask if you're realistic about it. I really wanna call anhuser up but I don't even know where to begin with that. If we got a letter saying congratulations, that would be nice too. I'm Not going to as for Clydesdales. Although I will be calling local ranches to get some for the ceremony... But my expectations are realistic as far as the Budweiser Clydesdales. :)

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You can't exactly compare a local baker or a florist to anheuser busch, a major corporation. Anheuser advertises at the Superbowl they don't exactly need to advertise at your wedding... Plus most corporations are very very strict about how their trademarks get used.
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I've been so lucky that my friends are actually vendors. Old friends are doing my hair, loaning us a light show, making our cake, mc-ing, and doing the flowers. All are providing their services as our wedding gifts, except the florist. And all but the mc are professionals at these things. I just can't thanks them enough.

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Julie, that is awesome. My maid of honor is a hair stylist so not sure how it's gonna work but she said she'll do my hair and nails. And my friends cousin is a dj. :)

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I think that it is wonderful that you are helping spread the word about these local vendors. When it comes down to it, in regards to not paying for their services its their choice to not take payment and have the chance of possible business increase. It never hurts to ask and I think it is cool that you are so willing to make negotiations like that. Good luck with all your planning!
I agree with majority of the responses above about Budweiser, that's a far hope.

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Well, here is the info you are asking for. I know when I ran some events I had to go through my local distributor.

How do I get sponsorship for my team, event, or band?
Anheuser-Busch is a proud sponsor of many organizations and events on a national level. The Anheuser-Busch wholesaler located nearest to your city handles sponsorship for local events and organizations. We encourage you to contact them directly to inquire about their interest in this sponsorship opportunity.

To locate contact information for the Anheuser-Busch wholesaler family, please
visit www.abwholesaler.com.

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BTW, I did all of my printing, pens, and other designs through VistaPrint, and DID allow them to put a small website address on some of my things in order to save money (like on the free pens). But for most of it, I just paid the $1 or $2 extra, because I found it to be tacky. That's just MY opinion.

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Crisanda I have heard of this I am not sure how that will work out for your wedding but it's always worth a try because that is how Starr Jones got a chunk of her wedding paid for but heck she was on TV but all they can do is say yes or no

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Good luck to you!

How are you having a Budweiser themed wedding? I'd like to see inspiration pics! :)

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Audra... We're doing black and red attire (bud select) I have getting a brooch bouquet or myself and there will be a few bottle caps through out. I have to call some ranches to get Clydesdales for my ceremony entrance. Our table numbers will be in frames and the frames will have bottle caps attached around the edge. Our favors are engraved bottle openers and a magnet dove shape made from a bud can and the rest of the reception will be red and gold.
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