Spiderman related gift?? HELP!
So i asked our RBs mom what I could possibly get for him as a gift...Im clueless he is 3 yrs old. She said right now he is big into spiderman...Any really cute spiderman things out that anyone knows of for me to get for him?
It also needs to be semi-easy to take home on a plane for them. They are from FL and wedding is in PA...
thanks in advance for your help!!

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I saw an Etsy shop that was selling custom kids tote bags and crayon pouches - the seller makes them out of just about any material you can think of an even had a superhero one as an example. I believe you could have their name embroidered on it too. Or maybe you could find a little backpack with spiderman on it and put something else in there - a new toy or something?

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My nephew/RB is a Spiderman fanatic, so I know more about Spiderman than I ever wanted to know. Right now, Target has a LOT of stuff because the new movie is coming out tomorrow. I would just go there, you can find lots of airplane-friendly stuff right now.

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I would buy him a spiderman backpack at walmart or target and fill it with some fun superhero stuff. A few comics, coloring books and maybe some small action figures (the dollar store has all this, FH just bought a ton) I wouldnt just get him spiderman, I would get him avengers stuff, batman, superman, etc. A tshirt would be a home run as well.

We are total comic book nerds :-)

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thanks ladies! ill have to check out target/toysrus this week!!

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Lol my 4 year old is obsessed with spiderman and last xmas we got him this. He loves it. Its really cool, and something he can save.. Maybe your RB would like it?


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My son is a superhero maniac. Right now he desperately wants this thing that straps to his arm and sprays "webs" which i think is actually silly string (they may have it at walmart or definately toy r us). He also just got a spiderman costume he basically LIVES in. I am not sure of the prices, but I know the costumes are pretty affordable. I have gotten my son like 5 or 6 different ones and I think they were all around $20 or under.

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How about doing a themed goodie bag for him. I did this for our 3 nephews and they loved it.

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