Special Way To Ask Someone To Be Your MOH?
So i'm in the begining stage of all my planning, finally booking the resort looking at save the dates etc. I'm having a destination wedding so obviously I need to give my MOH enough heads up that she can get her finances together let her work know etc. I'm asking my sister to be my MOH. I chose not to have any birdesmaids, just her. So I want to do something very special to ask her to be my maid of honor. Any ideas? how did you ladies pop the question to your MOH?

I thought about having a pretty box and some bright colored petals in there with a fake passport made out to her with our wedding destination printed in there and a gift certificate to a tanning salon? What do you ladies think??

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I think your idea is awesome! One of my friends made cookies and gave them to all her girls one night after cooking dinner for them...

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omgosh super cute idea! I think I will try to order those or see if a local place makes cookies like that... I'm an awful cook! lol!

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Here's the wording to the card I made for my MOH

Will you be my MAID OF HONOR?
Will you be my best friend, my sister, my counselor?
Will you hold my hand on my wedding day? Will you help me pick out the perfect dress? Will you answer all my silly questions, even the redundant ones, I send via text or Google Chat? Will you help keep the other bridesmaids up-to-date with the plans, schedules, and my emotions? Will you tolerate my venting? Will you stop me from registering for crap we know I don’t need? Will you wear your Chuck Taylors like they are the FIERCEST pair of Christian Louboutins you’ve ever seen?
Will you sit in front of your computer on Skype during my shower, cut Lisa and I off at the rehearsal dinner and ensure the DJ doesn’t play anything to make me want to drop it likes it’s HOT?
Lastly, but most importantly, will you hold my dress when I need to pee?
Please say yes!

Kimi K
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MY favorite idea:

You can use a ringpop too!

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fun ideas! thanks ladies!!
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