Special Firefighter themed wedding on LOW budget
My firefighter fiance and I are getting married in November and we have a few fire fighter themed things, but not a lot. Does anyone have any cheap suggestions for a fire themed wedding with a very very very low budget?

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Diane S.

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I found cute stuffed dalmations with hats that could be used on tables at Oriental Trading Company. You could look for fireman gifts and collectables online. One of my clients wanted a haunted house wedding card box for an October wedding. A house on fire with a ladder and fireman could be made as a wedding card box. Good luck on your upcoming wedding and your search for ideas.

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my cousin who is getting married to a fire fighter has cake toppers and his is a firefighter with his last name on the back of the jacket...sounds pretty neat!

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are you doing table numbers?? if so, I found this font for free that is pretty cool.. you could use different terms for fire instead of numbers... like Flame, Blaze, Inferno.. etc

(I like Blazed and CheLives fonts personally)

What about using matchbox/hot wheels fire trucks on the tables as part of the centerpiece

found those as well.. even one hanging over the gift table would make a statement


hope it helps!


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I love incorporating this into your theme (I'm a firefighter too)!

How about having a firetrucks as transportation from the ceremony to reception? You could have the DJ play emergency tones or sirens as you enter the reception, there are also several songs with a fire theme that you could use. You cold have the wedding party or better yet members of the fire department create an arch/tunnel with pike poles (your FH should know what they are) for you to walk under as you exit the ceremony or enter the reception. Decorate your sign in table with his helmet and other fire related items. Have some fun photos of the two of you on the firetrucks and display them in nice frames. Cookies shaped like firetrucks, dalmatians or hydrants would also be good. I'm sure you baker could find some cool ways to incorporate flames on the cake. Google "A Fireman's Prayer", print in on nice paper and display it in a frame.

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Oh you can have so much fun and stay on budget!
Go to www.koyalwholesale.com and look at the cake toppers, they have a firefighter themed one!

I have some cute favors on my website that will work as well, one Hot couple and more, LOL
www.suzannemsmithdesigns.com type in code 3354 for 10% off.

Check Oriental Trading, Windy city Novelties and Shindigz, for your theme as well. Possible www.efavors.com

Use red with yellow center Gebera daisies in fire hydrant vases or designed in firehelmets!

Dalmations and antique firetruck details can be fun too.

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