Spanish mantilla ceremony
My groom and I are not really religious or Spanish but I LOVE Spain!! I don’t like the unity candle or the sand motif. When a dear friend (who's Cuban) offered me her mantilla for the ceremony, I was honored for the gracious gesture!! However, since it’s not part of my background/heritage, I am unfamiliar with the mantilla ceremony. Who’s involved? Ie parents? Is something said? Is it before vows?
Any help or website reference is much appreciated!!

Thanks and Happy wedding planning!!

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As far as I know, you just wear it in place of a veil.

Maybe someone else has more info?


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I don't know if you're referring the mantilla that's placed over the shoulders?

Latin American and Filipino culture include this in their wedding ceremonies (my family is from El Salvador, FH is Filipino so we'll be doing this, as well as the coins/arras, candle, and the cord/lasso which are the three others included. Usually all of them are done, but I'm sure you're fine with just the veil:) ).

Typically, there are "padrinos" (in Latin America at least) or "sponsors" (that's what they have been called at the Filipino weddings I have been to) who place the veil over both your shoulders. Sometimes over the bride's head/groom's shoulders together.

Maybe this helps?
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