Spanish First Dance Song?? HELP!
Are there are any spanish frist dance songs you can recommend me? Me and fiance are both Hispanic (I am Cuban, he is Colombian) and we want something that is close to home.

What can you recommend? THANKS!

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Not sure about first dance songs but I have tons of father/daughter songs in Spanish. My dad just needs to pick one now! Good Luck!

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I'll check with FH and see if he has any ideas. He was a DJ in Tucson, AZ and did a lot of weddings there. Are you looking for just in Spanish or with a specific feel?

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I dont know of a song specifically, but FH is OBSESSED with the group Aventura (sp?) so I am going to try and hunt down a good song from them for our first dance. I dont speak fluent spanish, but their voices and the instruments are so beautiful.

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The feel is like a Gloria Estefan feel...

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You could always look at Gloria Estafan. She has recorded in spanish, i think.

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"Entre tu y yo"!! I love that song and it is a classic. There are many singers who sing this song in different versions of it, that is, bachata, pop, and balada. I like the balada version. Here is a link to the song....

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We are dancing to "Mi vida eres tu" by Rick Trevino

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You can do "Tu amor me hace bien" de Marc anthony en una balada

We are dancing to "Dulce amor" by Gondwana

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Amanda what are those father daughter songs you have????

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@Pearl Mi Nina Bonita- Vicente Fernandez
Before the Next Tear Drop Falls- Freddy Fender
Mi Nina- Jose Jose
Para Tu Amor- Juanes
Y Como Es El- Jose Luiz Perales
Hero- Enrique Iglesias (spanish version)

this is all I can remember that I have on the list right now.

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Not sure if they have a Spanish verison but Selena I could fall in love or Dreamin would be good. And everyone knows Selena(s), lol
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Camila have beautiful romantic songs...I love them!!

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Pretty much everything FH suggests has been said.

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What type of song are you looking for? Something upbeat, romantic and slow, or classical? There are so many beautiful Spanish songs to pick and choose from.
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