Song suggestion for a stepfather/ daughter dance
I am getting married 3/31/12, I have never met my real father, and my step-father who is giving me away came into the picture when I was 19 and I am 30 now. So we are more friends than a than a father daughter relationship. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good song?

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I'm doing "My Little Girl" by Jack Johnson
it's not as lovey dovey as most father/daughter songs, but it does hold a lot of signifigance to me and my relationship with my father who wasn't able to be around much when I was younger.
It might actually work well for you because of the line "you stole my heart and made it your own", and since he came into the picture, I'm sure you've stolen his heart? :) sorry it does sound cheesy when ya put it that way... but hope it helped. "Stand By Me" might be a fun cute one too...
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My step-dad and I are dancing to "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles.
There's a list of songs on here that you could look through, some are more lovey than others, but you might find one that works.
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Anyone can be a father, but not everyone can be a Dad!

Even though he's only been in your life since you were 19 if he's giving you away he may feel just like a Dad on your special day. Ask him what his feelings are then choose your song accordingly. If you need help after that email me

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Thank you so much for the suggestions ladies! Unfortunately I have not found the song yet? =(

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Someone on here gave this song to me..... Its the best

Hayley C™
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Hi Amber ~ Welcome to WW ~ Is there any song that brings back a childhood memory for you? Something you did together?

or here are some other ideas.

I hope you dance
My Wish
Because You Loved Me -
The Way You Look Tonight -
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
or Smashing Pumpkins
There you'll be
Lean on Me
You've Got A Friend
I'll Stand By You
In My Life -
What a Wonderful World -

Hope you find some inspiration.

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Oh I would check out brad paisley's "he didnt have to be" its about a stepfather and the impact he had. It is sung from a son's perspective but honestly I think its still so powerful really

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I'm looking for a song for my step father and I, I'm saving with my dad to "butterfly Kisses" by Robert caslisle. They have both been VERY involved in my life. And my step dad has been present since I was 3, I need help with picking a song. I'm so stuck!! Help please.
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